Ambassador Web3

What is a Web3 Ambassador News?

Ambassador Web3 Delve into a rich and expansive selection of prestigious Ambassador programs spanning across continents. As you step into the ever-evolving universe of blockchain and Web3 technology, seize the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of tomorrow. Whether your passions gravitate towards blockchain development, decentralized finance, or the advocacy of cryptocurrencies, our extensive catalog of Ambassador programs provides an open gateway for you to actively engage in and contribute to the ongoing decentralized revolution. Collaborate closely with esteemed industry leaders and forward-thinking pioneers, and embark on an enlightening and transformative journey towards becoming a distinguished Ambassador, driving innovation and progress within the digital frontier.

How to Get Started Web3 Ambassador news?

To become a Web3 Ambassador, start by researching Ambassador programs that align with your passions and skills. There are programs worldwide that offer training, support, and resources to help you grow in this role.

Prepare to embark on an exciting and engaging journey. Web3 is constantly evolving, and your participation as an Ambassador will have a significant impact on its adoption and future direction. Join us today and become part of this extraordinary adventure in the world of Web3 news.

  • web3go Ambassador Web3

    Web3Go Ambassador Program

    GODIN, derived from “Web3Go,” is the chosen name for Web3Go ambassadors. It symbolizes the relentless drive (“GO”) to move forward and the commitment to Data Intelligence Network (“DIN”). This fusion represents Web3Go’s determination to explore new horizons in the Web3 realm.
  • drift-protocolo-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    Drift Ambassador Program

    Applications are now open for the Drift Ambassador Program! If you are passionate about DeFi, experienced on Drift, and want to participate in building the #1 DEX on Solana, then this program is for you 🤝 Hop into our Discord for more info on how to apply
  • cedro-finance-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    Cedro Finance Launches “Ambassador Program”

    The program offers you a unique opportunity to expand your personal network within the blockchain industry, which can lead to various benefits that may not be available elsewhere. By connecting with other blockchain enthusiasts and professionals through the Cedro Ambassador Program, you can gain access to new perspectives, ideas, and opportunities that can help you advance your interest on web3 space. It’s not just about connections; as you climb the ranks of our program, you’ll also enjoy financial incentives that grow with your level of involvement. Also, this program can become your stepping stone for a place on Cedro’s team.
  • bit-store-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    Become a Bit.Store Ambassador

    Who Can Become a Bit.Store Ambassador? We are looking for passionate individuals from various fields such as Web3, cryptocurrency, payments, and crypto card enthusiasts. Our ideal ambassadors are: Active in local channels and communities. Representatives, creators, educators, influencers. Recognized as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers). We are especially interested in candidates from the following regions: Latin America: Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil Europe: Russia, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy North America: US, Mexico, Canada Asia: India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines Middle East: UAE Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya
  • mind-network-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    Mind Network Ambassador

    About the Ambassador Program To become a Mind Network Ambassador, you’d better earn loyalty points both on Zealy and Galxe. We favor applicants with 1K+ social media followers on platforms such as X, and those who maintain their own community with specific members. We especially welcome ambassadors from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey, India, China and CIS. The Ambassador Privileges: Discord Ambassador role. Exclusive Telegram channel to communicate directly with the Mind Network’s core team. A monthly salary (USDT) based on the quality and impact of the tasks you complete. Performance-based team token allocation rewards in the near future. Early access to the latest product features and updates. Invitations to serve as special guests or hosts at a variety of Mind Network’s events, including AMAs, Spaces, panels, and meetups. Budgets for hosting events. Grow your own community or organize events with the support of Mind Network’s community resources. The Ambassador Qualifications: Be greatly interested in cryptography knowledge, like ZKP, MPC, FHE, etc. Have access to community/project/KOL resources (very important) that can help Mind Network connect with more quality activities (online + offline) and people. Be skilled in hosting/coordinating/executing events. Assist in translating official Mind Network articles/announcements/tweets into your mother tongue. Produce high-quality content and attract a significant audience on your platform, with creation/design (videos, memes, graphics) skills being a plus. Represent Mind Network as an ambassador for your region/country in the near future. Get involved and support the community by answering users’ questions and helping to maintain their integrity. Relevant experience is preferred.
  • agni-ambssador-program Ambassador Web3

    Join The AGNI Ambassador Program!

    Why Become an AGNI Ambassador? Gain an in-depth understanding of AGNI's features and future development. Build a network within our dynamic community and connect with fellow ambassadors. Unlock fixed and performance-based rewards. Opportunity for career growth – become an Ambassador Leader! Exclusive rewards, including whitelist NFTs, community OG status, and more. On-the-job training to enhance your skills in decentralized finance. Receive promotional support on online social media. Long-term cooperation with a revolutionary project.
  • ambassador-hag Ambassador Web3

    HAG Ambassador Incentive

    This is the application form to better record your hardwork! Here is the rewarding plan for your reference, basically in 3 categories including Endorsement, Exposure, and Community Maintenance: A. Endorsement: Representing HAG to achieve free partnership with other projects (announcement + follow each other) **USDT 20 per new partnership that passes HAG team’s preview, but needs to meet base impressions requirement at 800. If the impression is less than 800, the 20 reward will be cut down to 5 USDT. ** Rewarding hierarchy: Tweets impressions< 800 impressions (base): 5 USDT Tweets impressions 800~1500 : 20 *1.0 USDT Tweets impressions 1500+ : 20 *1.5 USDT Tweets impressions 2500+ : 20 *2.0 USDT Tweets impressions 3500+ : 20 *2.5 USDT ** Partnership impressions will count on the fifth day after official launch. We will base on new partner’s launching Tweets not HAG’s.** B. Exposure- Content generation: generate local language content (at least 300 words) and post it on Twitter & other social media. Rewarding hierarchy: Tweets impressions 500~1000: 20 USDT Tweets impressions 1001~2000: 30 USDT Tweets impressions 2000+: 50 USDT *HAG team made some amendments to the content above and such new rule is effective after November 18th, 2023 10:55 pm UTC+8.* ** The Tweets need to @HashrateAsset. Content impressions will count on the fifth day after publication. HAG will review the content afterward to ensure the accuracy and quality, and the unqualified content will not receive the reward.** C. Community Maintenance- Active BD + AMA: representing HAG to achieve AMA cooperation with communities & projects & KOLs, and serving as a HAG ambassador to participate in AMA. Rewarding hierarchy: Audience & Twitter new follower Audience amount 10~50: 50 USDT 51~100: 100 USDT 100+: 200 USDT New Follower amount 10~20: 50 USDT 21~50: 100 USDT 50+: 200 USDT ** We offer a max 200U budget per AMA but need to pass HAG’s preview. The reward will only be distributed if the AMA achieves the base performance: audience 10 & follower 10. Applicants should take initiative in providing screenshots during the AMA to prove the max audience amount. We will count the new followers starting from the AMA announcement till the AMA completes.** **We will distribute the reward on the fifth business day next month.**
  • blaze-syndicate-program-min Ambassador Web3

    Blaze Syndicate Program XION

    The Blaze Syndicate Program for XION propels the growth of the XION ecosystem, aiming to make Web3 technology globally accessible. Operating on principles of collaboration and collective input, the community actively designs and influences the program’s development, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for long-term growth. By joining the Blaze Syndicate, users have the unique opportunity to play a central role in ushering in the biggest wave of consumer adoption to Web3. XION promises to be one of the leading projects in the industry as demonstrated by its Generalized Abstraction layer, quickly-growing ecosystem, traction to-date, and strong partners. Most importantly, XION has cultivated a strong and fast-growing community, and this program is a continuation of this exciting evolution.
  • zklink-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    zkLink’s Pioneer Program

    What will the Pioneers get? Exclusive Access: Get access to the Pioneer Group. Communicate with the zkLink Core DAO. Job Opportunity: Those who perform well will have the chance to join the zkLink Core DAO. Recognition: Be acknowledged with exclusive roles on the zkLink Discord server. Token Grant Rewards: Get returns that are directly proportional to your efforts( details will be communicated after your profile is reviewed).
  • zetachain-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    ZetaChain Ambassador Application

    ZetaChain is actively expanding Contributors for technical writing and developer Q&A, local live event management, AMA representation, and beyond! If this excites you, then apply here!
  • nftscan Ambassador Web3

    NFTScan Launches The Global Ambassador Recruitment Program

    NFTScan stands as the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, currently supporting the full NFT data for 19 blockchain networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Solana, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, Avax, Aptos, Linea, zkSync, TON, Scroll, and many more. NFTScan’s business covers NFT Explorer, NFTScan API, NFTScan Site, NFTScan as a Service, and other offerings, delivering professional and comprehensive NFT data services for both Web3 users and developers. At NFTScan, we’re not just about data, we’re about building a thriving community of NFT enthusiasts and blockchain aficionados. We’re excited to announce our Global Ambassador Recruitment Program, and we’re inviting you to become an integral part of our vibrant community!
  • arcana-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    The Ambassador Program of Arcana Network

    We are looking for community builders who care about Web3 adoption. The aim is to help onboard new users to Web3 by leveraging the power of Arcana’s products. You are an educator and evangelist who puts out great content that helps many of your followers to know about the latest trends & also helps them navigate through the complex world of Web3. This ambassador program will be rewarding both in terms of the impact you can bring to the Web3 community & personal rewards in the form of Arcana’s XAR tokens. Not just that, your followers will also be rewarded for using SendIT via your referral link. They will also get to participate in the SendIT rewards plan. - Rank in the top 50 in the Zealy sprint to unlock the opportunity to apply - Apply via the [form]( (Unlocked only for the top 50 leaders on Zealy) - You will hear back from us on the selection - Get on a call with the team to know more about us, AMA, align goals, KPIs, etc. - Join our Ambassador only telegram group with the Arcana core team
  • pancakeswap-ambassador Ambassador Web3

    PancakeSwap Launches Ambassadors Program

    The PancakeSwap community and CAKE holders are greeted with an exciting development: the PancakeSwap Ambassador Program is unveiled today! Over these past two years and more, the PancakeSwap community has flourished thanks to the hard work and dedication of our beloved administrators. However, with a commitment to continuously enhance our services and provide even more value to our users, PancakeSwap is thrilled to introduce the Ambassador Program. This program is designed to bring our community together and allow our users to represent PancakeSwap in their local regions. The primary goal is to strengthen the community, raise awareness about PancakeSwap, and offer more opportunities for engagement. The Ambassador Program is organized into various categories to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of ambassadors. These categories include community moderators, translators, content creators, and event organizers/local representatives. This means there is a role for anyone aspiring to build a strong community, create engaging content, translate, or represent PancakeSwap in their region. Ambassadors will be equipped with the tools and resources needed for success and will be rewarded for their contributions and efforts. The program is open to all, considering the diversity of the global PancakeSwap community. Specifically, the first two categories launched are community moderation and translation. Community moderators will assist in managing and moderating various social media channels and online communities of PancakeSwap, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for users. Translators will be responsible for translating content into multiple languages to effectively engage the global PancakeSwap community. To become a PancakeSwap Ambassador, one must complete a specific application form for the chosen category with verifiable and reliable information. The links to the forms are provided in the communication. The selection process will involve evaluating applications and conducting interviews with eligible candidates. Please pay attention to official channels for communications, as information will be sent only through these channels. PancakeSwap believes that the Ambassador Program will bring the community closer and contribute to achieving new milestones. The enthusiasm is palpable in working with the ambassadors and witnessing the positive impact they will have on the PancakeSwap ecosystem. Gratitude is expressed for the support, and anticipation is for the results of the future ambassadors!
  • ambassador-arbitrum Ambassador Web3

    Join Arbitrum Ambassador

    What is the Arbitrum Ambassador program? Phase 1 of the Arbitrum Ambassador Program is now live! This program gives individuals and organizations that are passionate about scalability and community a framework, allowing them to contribute to the Arbitrum ecosystem. Some things you may do is: - Propose initiatives funded by the Arbitrum Foundation - Hosting local community meetups - Create applications and content on Arbitrum - Have an impact within the Arbitrum ecosystem And some benefits include: - Grow your personal network and resume - Work side-by-side with the ecosystem’s biggest protocols - Represent Arbitrum in your local community as an official ambassador Phase 1 of the program is currently live for university-based blockchain clubs and students to apply. If you're an individual user/developer, please stay tuned for the next phase of the ambassador program.
  • ambassador-gameswift Ambassador Web3

    Join the GameSwift Ambassador Program

    Become a part of the elite web3 gaming community by joining the GameSwift Ambassador Program, run by GameSwiftDAO. Gain access to benefits and compete on the leaderboard! As a community united around GameSwift, we, the independent GameSwiftDAO, are thrilled to introduce our Ambassador Program!
  • ambassador-space-nation Ambassador Web3

    Space Nation Ambassador Program

    As a Space Nation Ambassador, you’re not just joining a community; you’re embarking on a cosmic journey where your dedication and contributions will be recognized and rewarded. We’ve designed our Ambassador program with a tiered structure, allowing you to progress through different levels as you continue to shape the future of our universe. Each level offers its own set of challenges, responsibilities, and rewards. As you contribute and invest your passion and energy into our cosmic mission, your Ambassador level will dynamically adjust. Your level represents your dedication and impact in our community, and we assure you that the evaluation will be fair and just. It opens doors to even more exciting opportunities and rewards. So, as you boldly go where no one has gone before, your journey with us will continuously evolve. Let’s take a closer look at the FIVE distinct Ambassador levels, from the entry point of a Space Novice to the pinnacle of achievement as a Cosmic Luminary. This is your cosmic pathway to becoming a legend in our cosmic community.
  • altitude-min Ambassador Web3

    Altitude Ambassador Application

    Altitude, a composable, native asset bridge, powered by LayerZero, is ecstatic to launch our Ambassador initiative. As we carve our path in the cross-chain landscape, we're scouting for DeFi enthusiasts and advocates to help amplify our vision across web3. Ambassadors will closely collaborate with the Altitude core team to help elevate our project to unparalleled heights. Additionally, every two weeks we'll be dividing a pool of up to 10,000 $ALTD among our standout ambassadors! 💪
  • ambassador-marblex Ambassador Web3

    MARBLEX Ambassador Recruitment of 4th

    Recruitment for the 4th MARBLEX Ambassador has started. Apply now!🔥🔥 - Recruitment schedule : 2023.09.21 – 2023.10.05 (UTC+9) - Activity Period: 2023.10.12 – 2024. 01.12 (UTC+9) (3 months) - Activities: Ambassadors share and create MARBLEX related posts on their social media channels or communities. - Winner Announcement: 2023.10.11 (UTC+9) 📣│announcements in MARBLEX GAMES Discord 👉MARBLEX GAMES Discord : * You can fill out the questionnaire only once, so please enter it correctly when entering the information. * If you do not agree with the MARBLEX's Privacy Policy please note that the user will not be able to participate in the said ambassador activity.
  • ambassador-alpha-odyssey-fxdxs Ambassador Web3

    FXDX Alpha Odyssey Ambassador Program Application

    🚀 Welcome to FXDX’s Alpha Odyssey Ambassador Program! 🌟 Are you ready to embark on an epic journey into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi)? OR Do you want to be part of a legendary community that's redefining influence in the crypto sphere? Join us in the Alpha Odyssey and become a pioneer of DeFi, where your passion, creativity, and vision matter more than just numbers. 🌐💪
  • ambassador-hyperGPT Ambassador Web3

    HyperGPT Ambassador Program

    HyperGPT believes in community support for growth and success, which is why we are launching the Ambassador Program. The HyperGPT Ambassador Program is an opportunity offered to community members who contribute to promoting and expanding our project. The aim of our program is to bring together passionate and talented individuals to reach more people with HyperGPT and contribute to the development of our project.
  • ambassador-prima-protocol Ambassador Web3

    Prime+ Ambassadors Program!

    Prime+ Ambassadors Application Interested in joining PRIME+ Ambassadors Program? Apply now! Deadline: 31st October 2023

Why Should You Join Web3 Ambassador news?

1. Drive Change: As a Web3 Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to directly influence the course of innovation. You’ll be a key player in disseminating concepts like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts, contributing to changing the perception of the digital world.

2. Continuous Learning: The Web3 universe is ever-evolving. By joining a collection of Web3 Ambassadors, you’ll have access to high-quality educational resources and be part of a community that shares knowledge and ideas, offering you opportunities for continuous learning.

3. Expand Your Network: You’ll meet and collaborate with professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world. These connections may open unexpected doors and job opportunities.

4. Contribute to the Community: Web3 Ambassadors play a crucial role in educating and supporting people interested in entering the world of decentralized technologies. You’ll contribute to building a more aware and inclusive community.

5. Personal Fulfillment: Actively participating in a technological innovation movement can bring great personal satisfaction. You’ll see your contribution shape a more open, secure, and decentralized future.

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