Param Gaming Airdrop How to Register and Complete airdrop

param gaming airdrop

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Param Gaming Airdrop How to Register and Complete airdrop

Param Gaming Airdrop Welcome to this guide on how to register and complete airdrop tasks in Param Gaming. This step-by-step procedure will walk you through the process, ensuring that you can easily navigate the platform and earn points. Let’s get started!

Registration Param Gaming Airdrop

To begin, open the registration link provided. Once the page loads, enter your email address and set a password. Be sure to repeat the password for confirmation. Check the box indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions, then click on the “Sign Up” button.

You will receive a confirmation email with a unique code. Copy the code from your email and paste it into the designated field on the registration page. After entering the code, save your password. You can now log in using your registered email and password.

param-gaming-airdrop-point Param Gaming Airdrop How to Register and Complete airdrop

Connecting Your Twitter 

To proceed, you need to connect your Twitter account. Click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button and authorize the connection. This will link your Twitter account to your Param Gaming profile. You can verify that the connection is successful by checking your profile, where your Twitter account will be displayed.

Connecting Your Wallet

param-gaming-airdrop-staking Param Gaming Airdrop How to Register and Complete airdrop

The next step is to connect your wallet. Before doing so, make sure that your wallet, such as MetaMask, is set to the Ethereum network. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button and select MetaMask from the options. This will open your MetaMask wallet automatically.

If you encounter any difficulties connecting your wallet using this method, you can try using a browser with a compatible extension, such as KY Browser or M Browser. These browsers simplify the process of connecting and working with MetaMask.

Once you have successfully connected your wallet, return to the Param Gaming site. Click on your profile and select “Connect Wallet” again. Choose MetaMask as your preferred wallet, and it will open automatically through the browser extension. Follow the prompts to complete the connection. Once connected, you will see a confirmation message.

Earning Points with airdrop Tasks Param Gaming Airdrop

Now that you have registered and connected your social media accounts and wallet, it’s time to start earning points through airdrop tasks. These tasks will update daily, so make sure to log in regularly to discover new tasks.

After logging in, you can view the available tasks and their point values. The initial registration grants you 50 points. To earn additional points, follow these steps:

param-gaming-airdrop-ref Param Gaming Airdrop How to Register and Complete airdrop

Task 1: Like a Post

Click on the task and select “Execute X.” This will take you to the post on the specified platform, where you can like it. Return to the Param Gaming site and click on “Collect Reward” to claim your points for completing the task.

Task 2: Retweet

Execute task 2 by retweeting the specified post. Return to Param Gaming and collect your reward.

Task 3: Post a Comment

Execute the task by posting a comment on the designated platform. Return to the Param Gaming site and claim your reward.

Task 4: Follow an Account

Follow the specified account and collect your reward on the Param Gaming site.

Task 5: Follow Another Account

Follow the additional account and collect your reward.

Task 6: Add a Param Tag to Your Profile Name

Add a dollar sign and “Param” to your profile name. Save the changes and collect your reward.

Task 7: Join the Discord Server

Accept the invitation to join the Param Gaming Discord server. Return to the Param Gaming site and collect your reward.

Task 8: Like and Retweet the Same Post

Like and retweet the specified post, then reply to it. Return to the Param Gaming site to collect your reward.

Task 9: Follow Yet Another Account

Follow the given account and collect your reward.


By completing these tasks, you can earn a significant number of points. Regularly check the Param Gaming site for new tasks and opportunities to earn more. Remember, the more tasks you complete, the more points you accumulate.

That’s it! You have successfully registered and completed airdrop tasks in Param Gaming. Keep an eye on the platform for updates and additional opportunities to earn points. Happy gaming!

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

FAQ – Param Gaming Airdrop Registration and Tasks
1. What is Param Gaming? 

Param Gaming is a platform that offers airdrop tasks for users to earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards.

2. How do I register on Param Gaming? 

To register, open the registration link provided, enter your email and password, confirm your password, agree to the terms, and click “Sign Up.” Follow the email confirmation process to complete registration.

3. How do I connect my Twitter account?

Click “Sign in with Twitter” on your profile page, authorize the connection, and verify the connection on your profile.

4. How do I connect my wallet? 

Click “Connect Wallet,” select MetaMask, ensure it’s set to the Ethereum network, and follow the prompts to connect.

5. How do I earn points with airdrop tasks? 

Tasks include liking posts, retweeting, posting comments, following accounts, adding a Param tag to your profile name, joining Discord, and more. Execute each task, then return to Param Gaming to collect your reward.

6. Can I earn points by completing multiple tasks? 

Yes, you can earn points by completing various tasks listed on the platform. The more tasks you complete, the more points you accumulate.

7. How often are new tasks added? 

New tasks are updated daily, so regularly check the Param Gaming site for new opportunities to earn points.

8. What rewards can I redeem with my points? 

Rewards may vary and could include crypto tokens, in-game items, or other digital rewards, depending on the platform’s offerings.

9. Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn? 

There may be limits or restrictions on certain tasks or point accumulation, so be sure to review the task details carefully.

10. How do I stay updated on new tasks and opportunities? 

Stay informed by regularly checking the Param Gaming platform for updates, announcements, and new tasks. Additionally, consider enabling notifications or subscribing to their newsletter for the latest information.

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