Ultiverse Ulti-Pilot Guide SOUL Incentive Program

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Ultiverse Ulti-Pilot Guide SOUL Incentive Program

Ultiverse Ulti-Pilot guide Ultiverse is creating a one-stop gaming platform enhanced by AI on web3, offering diverse user experiences. Utilizing Bodhi protocol and cutting-edge AI technologies, Ultiverse aims to build a dynamic and interactive space akin to the “Oasis” from “Ready Player One.” Join us and explore the possibilities in Ultiverse

Ulti-Pilot Launch: Grab Your Share of Rewards!

ultiverse-mission Ultiverse Ulti-Pilot Guide SOUL Incentive Program

Ulti-Pilot is here, offering quick daily participation for massive airdrop rewards of 10B SOUL (equivalent to 100M $ULTC). Join now at: 

  • Join now only with invite code;
  • pilot.ultiverse.io/?inviteCode=YourM

Explore Micro Worlds and Earn Rewards

Explore various Micro World scenes in Ulti-Pilot, earning Pilot Points, SOUL, achievements, and other ecosystem assets. Each scene can be explored once per day, with a daily exploration report generated on your ‘Calendar’ the next day.

ultiverse-explorer Ultiverse Ulti-Pilot Guide SOUL Incentive Program

Invitation Rewards and Access Codes

Invite others to earn extra Pilot Points from their daily explorations. Advance through levels to unlock additional access codes based on your Pilot Points. Claimable Pilot Codes will be available soon from our collaboration partners.

Conclusion Embrace the Future with Ulti-Pilot and Ultiverse

The launch of Ulti-Pilot heralds a new era in gaming, where immersive experiences are powered by advanced AI technology and blockchain innovation. As Ulti-Pilot invites users to explore Micro Worlds and earn rewards, it represents just the beginning of what Ultiverse has to offer.

With its commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology, Ultiverse aims to create a dynamic gaming platform that transcends boundaries. From the excitement of daily explorations to the thrill of completing missions and unlocking achievements, Ulti-Pilot promises endless opportunities for engagement and rewards.

As we embark on this journey together, let us embrace the vision of Ultiverse—a world where creativity and exploration know no bounds. Join us in Ulti-Pilot, and together, let’s shape the future of gaming in the decentralized landscape of tomorrow. See you in Ultiverse!

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.

Ulti-Pilot Airdrop Guide: How to Participate and Earn Rewards
  1. What is Ulti-Pilot? Ulti-Pilot is the immersive gateway to Ultiverse’s gaming experiences, powered by Bodhi Protocol’s advanced AI technology.

  2. How can I participate in Ulti-Pilot? You can participate by visiting the Ulti-Pilot website and using a Pilot code or access code for early access.

  3. What rewards can I earn in Ulti-Pilot? By exploring Micro World scenes, you can earn Pilot Points, SOUL tokens, achievements, and other ecosystem assets.

  4. How do I receive rewards from my explorations? A daily exploration report will be generated on your ‘Calendar’ the next day, detailing the rewards obtained from your explorations.

  5. How can I earn starting SOUL in Ulti-Pilot? You can earn starting SOUL by completing missions synchronized from Mission Runner, Ultiverse’s quest platform.

  6. What are the benefits of inviting others to Ulti-Pilot? Inviting others can earn you extra Pilot Points from their daily explorations. You receive a percentage of points from those you invite and from the ones they invite.

  7. How many access codes do I have as a Pilot Code holder? Pilot Code holders have 5 access codes, each for inviting one additional participant. Access code users can’t invite others during their first week.

  8. How do I advance through levels and unlock additional access codes? As your Pilot Points level increases, you unlock additional access codes. This also increases your chances of obtaining achievements and ecosystem assets.

  9. When will Pilot Codes be claimable? Pilot Codes will be claimable soon for those who have won them from Ultiverse’s collaboration partners.

Remember, participation in Ulti-Pilot offers exciting rewards and early access to Ultiverse’s immersive gaming experiences. Dive into Ulti-Pilot and explore the future of AI and gaming today!

  • Join now only with invite code;
  • pilot.ultiverse.io/?inviteCode=YourM

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