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zkLink Ambassador Program

zkLink Ambassador Program Unlock Opportunities with the zkLink Pioneer Program

Embark on a Journey as a zkLink Pioneer and Shape the Future of zkLink

Discover zkLink, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing the landscape of cross-chain trading. As the first ZKP-based, cross-rollup, multi-chain trading execution layer, zkLink introduces a unified, multi-purpose ZK-Rollup middleware connecting various L1 blockchains and L2 networks. This innovation empowers developers and traders to harness aggregated assets and liquidity from different chains, providing a seamless multi-chain trading experience.

Introduction zkLink Ambassador Program

zklink-ambassador-program-pioner-map zkLink Ambassador Program

Join the zkLink Pioneer Program, a unique opportunity to be an integral part of the zkLink family and contribute significantly to the growth and success of zkLink. Pioneers will actively engage in building the zkLink ecosystem and play a vital role in its expansion through impactful marketing efforts.

Who zkLink is Seeking

Eco-dApp Enthusiasts

  • Description: Actively utilize zkLink’s eco-dApps and engage in product testing.
  • Prerequisites: Experienced with dApps in the zkLink ecosystem for over one month, including ZKEX, zkJump, and OpenWorld Exchange.
  • Active Community Advocates
  • Description: Vigorous moderators and dedicated volunteers within the community.
  • Prerequisites: Hold a hero, volunteer, or mod role in zkLink Discord.
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Description: Endorse zkLink and expand its network on social media platforms.
  • Prerequisites: Share more than one tweet/YouTube video/TikTok about zkLink, accumulating over 1,000 views.
  • Referral Champions
  • Description: Bring high-quality users to the zkLink community/events.
  • Prerequisites: Invite a minimum of 100 users to the zkLink community or the zkLink summer tour campaign.
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Content Creation zkLink Ambassador Program

Develop memes, educational articles, videos, and analysis reports related to zkLink.
Actively participate in tweeting/retweeting, blogging, and TikToks.
Community Contribution

  • Provide support to the community through activities such as server boosting, feedback, and assistance in management.
  • Networking
  • Aid zkLink in identifying potential partnerships and furnish relevant information resources.
  • Event Management
  • Organize events and groups to broaden zkLink’s outreach.
  • Rewards for Pioneers

Exclusive Access zkLink Ambassador Program

Gain entry to the Pioneer Group and communicate directly with the zkLink Core DAO.
Job Opportunity

Outstanding performers may have the opportunity to join the zkLink Core DAO.

Receive acknowledgment with exclusive roles on the zkLink Discord server.
Token Grant Rewards

Receive returns directly proportional to your efforts (details communicated after reviewing your profile).
How to Apply for the zkLink Pioneer Program

  • Step 1: Apply now.
  • Step 2: We will contact you based on the contact information you provide.

Embark on a New Era with zkLink Pioneers!


zkLink’s ZK-Rollup middleware represents a significant leap forward in cross-chain trading. With its ZKP-based architecture, cross-rollup functionality, and multi-chain trading execution layer, zkLink is pioneering a new era of accessibility and efficiency in the decentralized finance space. By connecting disparate blockchain networks, zkLink is not just facilitating trades; it’s shaping the future of a more interconnected and accessible DeFi ecosystem for everyone.

“The information provided is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. All investment decisions should be based on your own evaluation of your investment needs, investment objectives, and financial situation. The value of investments may increase or decrease, and investors may not recover the full amount invested. Investments in financial instruments always involve a certain degree of risk, and investors are responsible for understanding the risks associated with the investments they make. Before making any investment, it is recommended to seek the help of a qualified and authorized financial industry professional.”

Question 1: What is zkLink and what role does it play in cross-chain trading?

Answer: zkLink is a ZKP-based, cross-rollup, multi-chain trading execution layer. It acts as a unified ZK-Rollup middleware connecting various L1 blockchains and L2 networks, enabling seamless multi-chain trading.

Question 2: What is the zkLink Pioneer Program, and who is it seeking to join?

Answer: The zkLink Pioneer Program is an opportunity to contribute to zkLink’s growth. It seeks eco-dApp enthusiasts, active community advocates, social media influencers, and referral champions.

Question 3: What are the roles and responsibilities of zkLink Pioneers?

Answer: Pioneers are expected to contribute through content creation, community engagement, networking, and event management. Responsibilities include developing content, supporting the community, aiding in networking, and organizing events.

Question 4: What rewards can zkLink Pioneers expect for their contributions?

Answer: Pioneers receive exclusive access to the Pioneer Group, potential job opportunities with the zkLink Core DAO, recognition on the zkLink Discord server, and token grant rewards based on their efforts.

Question 5: How can individuals apply for the zkLink Pioneer Program?

Answer: Individuals can apply by filling out the application form on the zkLink website, and the zkLink team will contact them based on the provided information.

Question 6: What does zkLink aim to achieve with its ZK-Rollup middleware in the decentralized finance space?

Answer: zkLink aims to bring accessibility and efficiency to decentralized finance by pioneering cross-chain trading. Its ZK-Rollup middleware connects blockchain networks, shaping a more interconnected and accessible DeFi ecosystem.

Question 7: How does zkLink contribute to a more interconnected and accessible DeFi ecosystem?

Answer: zkLink achieves this by connecting disparate blockchain networks, facilitating trades, and providing a more interconnected and accessible decentralized finance ecosystem for everyone.

Question 8: What is the significance of zkLink’s ZKP-based architecture in cross-chain trading?

Answer: zkLink’s ZKP-based architecture ensures privacy and security in cross-chain trading, making it a significant leap forward in the decentralized finance space.

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