Bounce Finance Omni Origins Mission 3

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Bounce Finance Omni Origins Mission 3

Bounce Finance Omni Origins launches the first multi-rollup token sale.

The Omni Origins Testnet has been a resounding success, attracting over 130,000 active users, processing more than 1.3 million transactions, and deploying over 2,000 smart contracts.

This success highlights the Omni Network’s revolutionary approach to the rollup landscape, allowing developers to deploy applications across all rollups seamlessly and eliminate liquidity fragmentation.

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Omni Origins Testnet series, featuring Bounce Finance’s auction-as-a-service protocol for token launches, NFT sales, and real-world items.

Leveraging Omni’s cross-rollup infrastructure, Bounce Finance now offers auctions accessible to users across all rollups, providing the largest decentralized auctions in the industry.

Omni: Origins Testnet Launch

This is the first opportunity that the community will have to use the Omni infrastructure as well as an application built on Omni. New features and products will be released as the network scales, users who participate early can expect a number of new developments and surprises along the way.

You can get started today by joining the Origins Testnet for the L1 network that will begin to power Ethereum’s entire rollup ecosystem. Get early access by joining the Omni Missions channel on discord today. As a reminder, Community members who complete the most missions will have access to a special set of the latest testnet functionality as the network grows.

The First Cross-Rollup Token Sale Guide

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About Omni:

The Omni Network is a robust layer 1 blockchain connecting all rollups, empowering developers to create global applications accessible across all rollups. Secured through EigenLayer restaking, Omni offers exceptional security and functionality. With backing from prominent investors like Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto, Omni remains at the forefront of next-generation blockchains.

The successful launch of the first multi-rollup token sale on the Omni Network sets a promising precedent for the future, reflecting the industry’s drive for innovation and growth.

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