AltLayer Airdrop Possible How to get Step by Step

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AltLayer Airdrop Possible How to get Step by Step

AltLayer Airdrop
Test AltLayer’s first-ever multi-sequencer network for rollups, by bridging assets from L1 to L2. Please follow the below instructions to qualify for the campaign. Successful completion of all tasks qualifies you for an OAT badge!

Note: On-chain credential (bridging transactions) may take up to a week to be populated (Last updated: June-16–2023 05:23:00 AM UTC)

This campaign will run till 30th June at 11:59 pm UTC. Remember, you’ll have up to the 3rd of July 00:00 AM UTC to claim OAT for completed activities as long as they are performed by the 30th June deadline.

So let’s speed up the steps right away by immediately requesting the testnet tokens we need to do these very simple things

Our goal is to complete the campaign on Galxe and interact as much as possible with the AltLayer testnet


Faucet Sepolia & AltLayer Airdrop

it is very simple just use twitter to connect and the account on Alchemy.
For those who follow me already registered, for those who start here well just use any email and register on Alchemy, your source of token testing in short

AltLayer Airdrop Step Mint

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Well here it is simple mintate 10 NFTs that you will then need for bridge

AltLayer Step Deposit and Withdraw

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So here in total you have to do 6 steps

Sepolia → AltLayer
AltLayer → Sepolia

MSEQ → AtLayer
AtLayer → MSEQ

MSNFT → AtLayer
AtLayer → MSNFT

Bridge operations are quite slow and I will point out that during the withdraw you also have to switch the network to continue the initial operation so watch out!

Once all tasks have been completed, users can claim an OAT (On-chain achievement token) badge specifically for the multi sequencer round.

Testnet Features Released in Phase 1

The testnet is composed of two types of nodes: sequencers and verifiers. Sequencers order transactions while verifiers check if the resulting blockchain state is correct and if so, they commit state roots to the underlying L1. For our testnet, we will be using Ethereum’s Sepolia testnet as the L1.

Here’s a feature breakdown of the “first phase” — the multi-sequencer L2 network:

  • Multi sequencer L2 that runs local consensus
  • Regular state root commitments to L1 (Sepolia Testnet) by verifiers
  • Rollup bridge supporting native ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens
  • Deposit of assets from L1 to L2
  • Withdrawal of assets from L2 to L2 with a challenge period
  • Block explorer
  • Testnet tokens faucet

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