Omni Origins Testnet Launch New Airdrop Possible

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Omni Origins Testnet Launch New Airdrop Possible

Omni Origins Testnet

campaign is an exciting Layer 1 (L1) network designed to connect all the roll-up networks. With recent funding of 18 million USD, the project is promising and worth keeping an eye on. 

This guide will explore how you can get involved and participate in this innovative project.

So guys our goal is to complete these campaigns on Galxe!

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Omni Origins Testnet Launch

First opportunity that the community will have to use the Omni infrastructure as well as an application built on Omni. As the network scales, we will release new features and products, and early participants can expect a number of new developments and surprises along the way.

You can get started today by joining the Origins Testnet for the L1 network that will begin to power Ethereum’s entire rollup ecosystem. Get early access by joining the Omni Missions channel on discord today. 

As a reminder, Community members who complete the most missions will have access to a special set of the latest testnet functionality as the network grows.

We should start now!

Getting Free Testnet Funds

You can access the Omni Origins Testnet Faucet here. However, the initial launch of our testnet is available exclusively to community members who have participated in our Priority Access Program. 

If you have not participated yet, you can go to our the Omni Community Galxe Space.

Minted 1 OAT for completing a mission you will be eligible to claim funds from the faucet.


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AutoFarm: Omni Origins Testnet

We built our first application with Autonomy Network as an early demonstration of the power we give to users through the Omni network.

Omni, a layer 1 blockchain built to connect all rollups, will showcase collaborations and integrations with our rollup partners as the Origins Testnet evolves, highlighting the capabilities that Omni brings to these platforms.

Today, we are introducing the first yield farming application through which users have the opportunity to stake testnet $OMNI. 

As time progresses you will see us working with our wide ecosystem to both test and demonstrate the novel functionalities.


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