GameSwift Multiverse Expansion $GSWIFT

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GameSwift Multiverse Expansion $GSWIFT

GameSwift Multiverse Expansion.

As the gaming world rapidly evolves, GameSwift takes the lead in embracing web3 opportunities and driving mass adoption. Our vision extends beyond boundaries, transcending numerous chains to enhance the gaming experience.

The GameSwift Multiverse Expansion campaign is a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform $GSWIFT, an omnitoken under the ownership of GameSwift DAO, into a multi-chain asset.

Our mission? To expand the reach of GameSwift and introduce web3 gaming to players across the globe, on all chains, and beyond!

Campaign Overview:

  • Campaign Start Date: September 28
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Chains: 5
  • NFT Rewards: 5 + Final Super NFT

The core of this campaign centers around the bridge, empowered by Layer 0 technology, and the versatile omnitoken, $GSWIFT, owned by GameSwift DAO.

gameswift-multiverse-expansion-galxe GameSwift Multiverse Expansion $GSWIFT

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the campaign:

  • Bridging Across Networks: Over five weeks, you’ll connect $GSWIFT tokens from the Arbitrum network to five different blockchain networks, namely Polygon, Base, zkSync, Linea, and BSC.
  • Token Burning: Following each connection, you’ll burn a minimum of 10 $GSWIFT tokens (per network) using a burning contract.
  • NFT Rewards: For successfully completing each bridge mission, you’ll receive an exclusive NFT. These NFTs can be collected through the Galxe portal on the Arbitrum network.
  • Special NFT: Collect NFTs from all five networks to unlock the sixth special NFT—a rare and unique token of significant value.
  • Token Burning Completion: At the campaign’s conclusion, all $GSWIFT tokens connected and burned by users will be returned to Arbitrum, where our team will oversee the permanent token burning process.

Unlocking the Potential of GameSwift NFTs

GameSwift transcends traditional blockchain gaming—it’s a comprehensive gaming ecosystem and infrastructure provider. With strong partnerships with over 120 games, including more than 55 on our platform, the NFTs obtained through this campaign hold tremendous potential within our ecosystem. While we can’t disclose all the details yet, rest assured they will be highly sought after.

Harnessing the Power of Layer 0 Technology

Our bridge leverages Layer 0 technology, delivering a cutting-edge solution for seamless token transfers across diverse blockchain networks. This campaign offers you the opportunity to explore the technology’s potential through GameSwift’s objectives.

Claim Your Space in the GameSwift Multiverse

We’ll be connecting to networks like Base, zkSync, and Linea, offering unique engagement opportunities. Key points to remember:

  • Token liquidity remains on the Arbitrum network.
  • Users must purchase a minimum of 10 $GSWIFT tokens on the Arbitrum network weekly for five weeks, totaling 50 tokens in 5 transactions.
  • Each user must successfully execute 5 bridges from Arbitrum to the specified network.
  • Six NFTs, including a special NFT, will be available for claiming and trading on Arbitrum.
  • Team will return all $GSWIFT tokens connected during the campaign to Arbitrum and permanently burn them.

The GameSwift Multiverse Expansion campaign invites you to dive into the vast potential of blockchain gaming and acquire exclusive NFTs with real value. GameSwift is leading the revolution, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of blockchain gaming.

Conclusion GameSwift Multiverse Expansion

In conclusion, the GameSwift Multiverse Expansion represents a significant step in the blockchain gaming revolution. By joining us in this campaign, you’ll not only gain access to exclusive NFTs but also help shape the future of gaming. GameSwift is more than just a gaming project; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem with strong partnerships. The NFTs acquired in this campaign will play a vital role within the GameSwift ecosystem, offering exciting opportunities.

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