SoQuest Airdrop Mining to Earn Future Token

Soquest airdrop min

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SoQuest Airdrop Mining to Earn Future Token

SoQuest Airdrop, a visionary platform, is preparing for an exciting future of token airdrops and revolutionizing the integration of gemstones into the world of blockchain.

To ensure a fair distribution of future token rewards, we are proud to present a six-month mining season that places you at the center of this groundbreaking initiative.

Let SoQuest be your gateway to an extraordinary Web3 future, where rewards and innovation seamlessly merge in a world of limitless possibilities.

Come and join me to earn crypto on SoQuest:

Mining Details: Reward: 500 Million Gemstones

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  • A total of 500 million gemstone supplies will be allocated for mining during this mining season.
  • Notice: SoQuest Gemstone, a unique loyalty point, will be deployed on-chain and seamlessly bridged to the SQT (SoQuest Gemstone) in the future.

Valid Time Period: July 1st — December 31st, 2023

Distribution: SoQuest Airdrop

  • Prize Pool of Mining Season I: 500 Million Gemstones
  • Trade to Mining: 400 Million Gemstones (80%)
  • Quest to Mining: 60 Million Gemstones (12%), including gemstones that have been sent out before
  • Create Workflow to Mining: 30 Million Gemstones (6%)
  • Broadcast to Mining: 10 Million Gemstones (2%), including gemstones that have been sent out before
  • Projects/KOL to Mining: Gemstones distributed based on the number of campaign participants

Notice: All mining reward gemstones will be distributed until exhausted. The Port3 team reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Mining Rules: SoQuest Airdrop

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  • Participate in Mining Quests through various campaigns on SoQuest, such as onboarding and FamLive Twitter space campaigns.
  • The maximum number of Gemstones you can earn via quests is capped at 200 per day.
  • Notice: Daily check-ins and Gameverse competitions on SoQuest will not be included in the Quest to Mining.

How to Participate:

Create your profile: Go to, connect your wallet, and bind your Web2 account.

Join the campaigns: Come and join me to earn crypto on SoQuest:

Each valid invitation will be counted. Both the inviter and invitee will receive 10 gemstones when the invitee completes registration at SoQuest and binds their Web2 account.

Inviters will earn 1% of the invitees’ gemstones from their transaction rewards.

Early birds offer: The mining stages are divided into three periods, and the earlier you join, the more gemstones you can win. The maximum number of gemstones that can be mined in 6 months is 35,000 per user.

  1. July 1 — August 31, up to 20,000 gemstones per account
  2. September 1 — October 31, up to 10,000 gemstones per account
  3. November 1 — December 31, up to 5,000 gemstones per account

Create a Workflow to Mining

Prize Pool: 30 Million Gemstones

Mining Rules:

By successfully running a workflow template you have created, you can earn a reward of 10 gemstones, with each execution contributing to your cumulative mining yield.

Notice: This mining category is more suitable for developers with a certain level of technical proficiency due to its implementation using the workflow language.

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