Top Blockchain Projects Most Funds in 2023

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Top Blockchain Projects That Raised the Most Funds in 2023

Top Blockchain Projects 2023

AltLayer Top Blockchain Projects

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In a recent Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands, and with investments from Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and Solana Ventures, the blockchain platform successfully secured $15 million.

This substantial funding injection is set to drive the growth of the AltLayer platform, as well as broaden its array of games and applications within Solana’s blockchain ecosystem.

AltLayer provides developers with the tools to create decentralized games and applications on Solana’s blockchain. Notably, it boasts developer-friendly features such as a compiler that transforms C++ code into WebAssembly code, an extensive library of tools for accessing Solana’s blockchain capabilities, and a marketplace where developers can promote their creations.

Despite being in its developmental phase, AltLayer has already garnered significant interest from numerous game and application developers. With its potential to revolutionize the decentralized gaming and application landscape, AltLayer is positioned to become a prominent industry player.


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Groundbreaking platform, has successfully secured an impressive $100 million in a Series B funding round, with the primary backing coming from Animoca Brands.

The funding drive also saw participation from prominent investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and Solana Ventures.

This substantial capital infusion is earmarked for the advancement of the Venom platform. The seamless integration of a myriad of games and applications into Solana’s revolutionary blockchain ecosystem.

Mantle Network Top Blockchain Projects

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Has successfully raised an impressive total of $2.1 million across two funding rounds, marking significant milestones in its growth. During the Seed Round in June 2020, in fact Mantle Network secured $1 million in funding, led by the esteemed Dragonfly Capital.

Notable investors like Alameda Research, Folius Ventures, and HashKey Capital also participated in this round, further validating the platform’s potential. The Series A Round in August 2023 saw Mantle Network secure also an additional $1.1 million in funding, with BitDAO taking the lead as the main investor.

Fenbushi Capital, Nansen, and LD Capital were among the other notable investors who joined this round, contributing to the platform’s further expansion.

With these substantial financial resources, Mantle Network is committed to developing and enhancing its platform, aiming to attract more also developers and applications to its ecosystem.

As a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Mantle Network utilizes optimistic rollups to provide a more scalable and cost-effective. For deploying decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Although still in development, the Mantle Network platform possesses immense potential to become a prominent player.

In the Ethereum scaling space, offering innovative solutions to address the scalability challenges faced by the Ethereum network.

Omni Origins Top Blockchain Projects

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Testnet introduced for the Omni Network, represents a groundbreaking layer-1 blockchain aiming to connect all rollups.

In August 2023, the testnet was launched, serving as a valuable resource for developers to thoroughly test their applications on the Omni Network.

With an emphasis on security and functionality, the Omni Network stands out as a next-generation blockchain that utilizes restaking $ETH to ensure its robust security.

This makes it one of the most secure and reliable blockchains available, attracting support from prominent investors. Like Pantera Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, and Jump Crypto, which collectively backed the network with $18 million.

The Omni Network boasts a host of features that make it a promising platform for decentralized applications. Including remarkable scalability, allowing it to handle a substantial number of transactions per second.

Furthermore, its interoperability with other blockchains streamlines the transfer of assets between various networks.

The Omni Origins testnet plays a pivotal role in the Omni Network’s development journey. Facilitating the testing of applications and providing invaluable feedback to the Omni team.

As it continues to evolve, the Omni Network holds immense potential to become a prominent player in the blockchain space. Captivating the attention of developers and users alike.

The Omni Network has already spurred numerous projects, some of which include:

Bounce Finance: A pioneering auction-as-a-service protocol that enables decentralized token, NFT, and real-world item sales. AutoFarm: A dynamic yield farming protocol, providing users with opportunities to earn passive income on their tokens. Galxe: A versatile platform dedicated to building vibrant Web3 communities.

These are just a few of the numerous projects currently in development on the Omni Network, which further solidifies its position as a major platform for decentralized applications. Keeping a close eye on the Omni Network’s progress is definitely worthwhile, as it promises to reshape and revolutionize the blockchain landscape.


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Layer-2 cross-chain protocol, aims to revolutionize the asset transfer process between different blockchains by providing a seamless and efficient solution. Currently in development, the protocol shows great promise and has the potential to become a leading player in the cross-chain space.

Altitude raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Paradigm. Other investors include Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, and Coinbase Ventures.

The foundation of Altitude is built on LayerZero, a cross-chain communication infrastructure protocol that facilitates seamless communication between different blockchains. This integration enables Altitude to offer a highly efficient and smooth asset transfer experience.

Security is a top priority for Altitude. The protocol implements various measures to safeguard user funds, including the use of multi-signature wallets, which require multiple signatures for transaction approval, making it challenging for hackers to compromise funds.

Additionally, Altitude has undergone thorough security audits by independent firms to ensure its robustness and protect user assets.

As the protocol continues to evolve and make strides in its development journey, it’s worth keeping a close eye on Altitude, as it holds the potential to transform the cross-chain landscape and revolutionize asset transfers between different blockchains.


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Scroll, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum utilizing zkRollups, is poised to transform the deployment of decentralized applications on the Ethereum. Network by providing enhanced scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The protocol is currently under development but holds significant potential to become a prominent player in the Ethereum scaling landscape. With an experienced team of developers backing it, Scroll aims to revolutionize the way decentralized applications are deployed on Ethereum.

Key Features of Scroll:

  • Scalability: Scroll is designed to handle a substantial number of transactions per second, ensuring high scalability for decentralized applications.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Developers will find Scroll to be a cost-effective solution, making it financially viable to deploy decentralized applications on Ethereum.
  • Security: Scroll prioritizes security and employs various measures to protect user funds, ensuring a safe environment for users.
  • Interoperability: Scroll is built with interoperability in mind, facilitating smooth asset transfers between different blockchains.

Scroll is an exciting project with the potential to redefine the deployment landscape for decentralized applications on Ethereum. Although still in development, it warrants close attention for the innovative solutions it brings to the table.

While Scroll has yet to complete a public fundraising round, the team has successfully raised $1.5 million in private funding from reputable investors. Including Arrington Capital, Hashkey Capital, and Mechanism Capital. This backing further reinforces the project’s promise and potential for success in the Ethereum ecosystem.

And ZetaChain?

ZetaChain has not yet publicly announced any fundraisers.

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