Splinterlands Rebellion is Coming

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Splinterlands Rebellion is Coming

Splinterlands Rebellion team is thrilled to announce that they are launching their fifth primary edition, named Rebellion! The Rebellion card set represents our most ambitious release to date, as we introduce a range of brand-new features into the Splinterlands gameplay, enhancing player freedom and engagement in the game.

Splinterlands Rebellion consists of 96 cards, including two limited edition promotional cards exclusively available during the Rebellion pre-sale. Additionally, we will distribute nine legendary cards through a revamped airdrop system, providing incentives for players to retain their Rebellion packs and cards for rewards.

Furthermore, with the release of the Rebellion set, we will no longer permit the Untamed set, including the Azmare dice and associated reward and promotional cards, in Modern format battles. This marks the first set to exit the Modern format since its inception, making Modern format collections more accessible and affordable to a broader audience.

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Let’s delve into the details and pricing of the Splinterlands Rebellion booster packs:

splinterlands-rebellion-tactic Splinterlands Rebellion is Coming

Each Rebellion pack will contain five cards randomly selected from the Rebellion set, ensuring at least one rare card. The two limited edition promotional cards and the nine airdrop cards will not be available in these packs until after each airdrop. The probabilities of receiving cards of various rarities, or obtaining a Gold Foil version, will remain consistent with previous sets. Players can use Legendary and Alchemy potions to enhance their chances of obtaining legendary or Gold Foil cards, following the same rates as before.

  • The base price for each Rebellion pack will be 5,000 Credits or 5,000 DEC. Buyers can apply VOUCHER tokens to receive discounts, with each VOUCHER token reducing the price by 200 Credits/DEC, offering a maximum discount of 20%. This means, with the maximum VOUCHER discount, each pack will cost 4,000 Credits or DEC, plus 5 VOUCHER tokens.
  • Taking into account DEC and VOUCHER token prices on external markets at the time of writing, the total cost in USD for a Rebellion booster pack, excluding the described mass bonus, will be approximately $3.10.

We also offer bulk purchase options, with bonus packs available at slightly reduced levels compared to previous pack sales. Purchasing 100 or more Rebellion packs from the Splinterlands shop in a single transaction will make buyers eligible for extra packs at a 5% discount, costing 5 VOUCHER tokens each. This discount increases to 10% when buying 500 packs and 15% when purchasing 2,000 packs or more.

Reducing bonus pack quantities will help regulate the rate at which wholesale buyers can undercut the shop on the secondary market, preserving pack and card values and promoting increased sales through the shop. This approach benefits both the company and players through a proposed revenue-sharing model for Rebellion pack purchases with the DAO.

Now, let’s talk about the Rebellion Pre-sale:

A total of 500,000 Rebellion packs will be available for purchase before the set’s official release. The pre-sale commences on Wednesday, October 18 at 2:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM UTC, in the shop section of the Splinterlands website. The pre-sale period will last for 30 days or until all 500,000 pre-sale packs are sold, whichever occurs first. The price for pre-sale packs will be identical to the general sale prices mentioned above. However, pre-sale packs come with a series of limited edition bonus rewards.

Please be aware that you cannot open packs purchased during the pre-sale until the official release of the Rebellion set. However, you can transfer, purchase, and sell these packs on various Splinterlands resource markets. Unsold packs from the 500,000 allocated for the pre-sale will be automatically canceled, and pre-sale packs will not be available in the shop upon the release of Rebellion.

Now, about the Rebellion Pre-sale Rewards:

splinterlands-rebellion-mantaroth Splinterlands Rebellion is Coming

For every one of the following four pre-sale milestones achieved through packs sold, limited edition bonus promotional cards will be unlocked for all pre-sale pack buyers. These promotional cards relate to two new double-headed Rebellion legendary cards: Fire Shogun and Ice Shogun. Each of these cards will have two limited edition promotional versions, one with a Gold Foil version and one without. All four pre-sale promotional cards will only be available in limited edition during the Rebellion pre-sale and will never be sold or circulated again after the pre-sale concludes.

  • The first pre-sale milestone is 5,000 packs. Upon reaching this milestone, the promotional cards Fire Shogun and Ice Shogun Gold Foil limited edition will be unlocked.
  • The second pre-sale milestone is 10,000 packs. Upon reaching this milestone, the promotional cards Fire Shogun and Ice Shogun non-limited edition will be unlocked.
  • The third pre-sale milestone is 20,000 packs. Upon reaching this milestone, the promotional cards Fire Shogun and Ice Shogun Gold Foil limited edition of the second level will be unlocked (meaning that there will be three total versions of each of the two cards).
  • The fourth pre-sale milestone is 40,000 packs. Upon reaching this milestone, the promotional cards Fire Shogun and Ice Shogun non-limited edition of the second level will be unlocked.

All four pre-sale promotional cards will be automatically distributed to all packs

During the pre-sale as soon as they are unlocked. Unlike the additional promotional cards from past main card set pre-sales, there will be no additional requirements to receive these cards, so all packs purchased during the pre-sale will receive these promotional cards.

However, for all other card holders, there is a method to get one of the pre-sale promotional cards more than 30 days before the set is released. The method to do this is to possess at least one of the five 2,000 or 5,000 DEC bonus tokens.

The concept is simple. If a player possesses at least one of these bonus tokens, they will be eligible to participate in a drawing to win one of the four pre-sale promotional cards for every 2,000 or 5,000 DEC bonus tokens they have. The drawing will occur just before the Rebellion pre-sale, and the pre-sale promotional cards will be distributed based on the number of bonus tokens a player has won.

Rebellion Card Airdrop

splinterlands-rebellion-airdrop Splinterlands Rebellion is Coming

Furthermore, in the initial month after the Rebellion release, nine airdrops containing nine legendary cards each will be dispatched. This will result in a total distribution of 81,000 Rebellion legendary cards through these airdrops, potentially rendering them quite scarce. To qualify for an airdrop of one of the nine Rebellion legendary cards, players must possess at least one of the same cards that are being distributed. The longer a player holds the card, the higher their chances of receiving a legendary card airdrop, with a maximum limit of 100 times the base odds for any card.

When receiving an airdrop, the received card will always be a higher-level card than any previously owned card.

Note: there will be no legendary card airdrop for The Twisted Forest since there are no new legendary cards in this set. Instead, 10,000 rare cards will be distributed fairly.

Conclusion Splinterlands

In conclusion, Splinterlands Rebellion represents a bold step into the future of our collectible card game. With new features, exciting cards, and the incentive to obtain legendary cards, we are redefining the gaming experience for our players. The release of Rebellion also marks the retirement of the Untamed set from the Modern format, making collections more accessible and maintaining balance in card values.

Rebellion packs offer a wide variety of cards and options, with discounts available for bulk purchases. The pre-sale provides a unique opportunity for players to acquire exclusive promotional cards and participate in legendary airdrops. Additionally, holders of DEC bonus tokens have the chance to secure promotional cards in advance.

My ref link if want; https://splinterlands.com?ref=nikogs

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