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Abyss World SUI & Microsoft

Abyss World

Welcome to Abyss World, Nordinia, the most endangered Shattered Realm in the dark worlds.

Abyss World is an Open-World Dark Fantasy Action-RPG Sui , built by MetagameHQ

Abyss World Colosseum

The Abyss Colosseum is located in the central city, also used as the primary place for PVP. Players participate in a tournament based on a matchmaking system corresponding to their party level. The community-governed arrangement will regularly host this large-scale game.

The two sides will consist of a team of 6 Heroes, engaging in 1V1, 2V2, and 3V3 battles. In each battle, the corresponding AI will control and fight the Heroes to compete in the championship. Throughout this period, the audience can place bets on their favorite team, and the winning player will receive a portion of the prize as a reward.

The Battle Arena Abyss World

Located in the central city, the Battle Arena is a place for PVP where players battle against each other. Players utilize the Battle Arena for smaller-scale battles, which are comparatively smaller in scale when compared to the Abyss Colosseum. There is no need to wait for any community-governed arrangement, and it would only require matchmaking. Learn and earn from the opponent, and plan your strategy and Heroes’ arrangement.

The Hero’s Gate

The Hero’s Gate, situated in the central city, serves as a location where fragments collected through PVE can be synthesized into “Unknown Heroic Souls” and then sold to the player’s Bannerlord.

This is the main station for players to get new Heroes. Each new Hero will have its own unique external attributes and AI dataset. Players need these Hero characters to explore the world, fight against invasions, and compete with each other.

Abyss World Marketplace

Located in the central city, also called as Nordinia’s resource center. Items including Heroic Souls, materials, equipment, crafting materials, etc., can be listed for sale or purchased here.

The Territory Abyss World

The player’s Territory is a magical floating island around the central city, Nordinia. Various facilities and buildings can be built on the island to increase their strength. By fighting in invasion events and arenas, they can improve their Territory level, providing them the resources to gain new territories and build higher-level buildings.

Invasion missions are standard battles against evil. Every once in a while, there will be invasion events. Invasion events are world missions where all players fight together against the dark world. Players can choose their own team to fight against the invaders and will be rewarded with items and experience growth corresponding to their contribution level.

Forging Workshop

The Forging Workshop, located within the Territory, is one of the buildings used for item forging and material synthesis. Its usage is limited to a certain number of times per day, based on the level of the Forging Workshop. By collecting resources through adventures and expeditions, the Forging Workshop can obtain player resources to forge various items such as Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Magic Scrolls, Vials, and more. These forged items can be listed for sale on the market.

Furthermore, by gathering materials from higher-level stages and battles, weapons and armor can be further enhanced at the Forging Workshop.

Similarly, the level of the Forging Workshop is closely related to the level of the Bannerlord’s blacksmith. The higher the forging level, the higher the number of forging one could complete every day.

Tokenomics Overview

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The token reward mechanism of Abyss World is not as simple as directly giving tokens to players who have spent a lot of time on simple tasks like traditional GameFi games. Instead, it rewards teams that complete special tasks in the PVE section, individuals who climb the game leaderboard, and winners of PvP arena seasons.

Backers & Partners

0*Q7D6EAlHGUAnCSdo Abyss World SUI & Microsoft

Abyss World has already surpassed 100,000 Steam wishlist players, which is a huge milestone in the web2 gaming world. Thus, as a game with the potential to break through the wall between two spaces, our goal is to attract 1 million players.

Mainstream stands for more than 1 billion global gamers accustomed to centralized game ecosystems and distribution systems on the mass market. Backed by Microsoft, AMD, Epic Games and IGN, Abyss World will implement a similar approach to mainstream marketing. As the best-in-class quality game, Abyss World will attract hundreds of traditional gamers into the Web3 space. Besides, we will also partner with influencers and institutions with massive followings in the crypto space to draw Web3 users.

Our mission is to start making mainstream users aware of the benefits of web3 gaming, educating them on how owning a piece of a game empowers their chance to define their own economic opportunities. Most importantly, to give them the same quality of gaming experience that they would expect from any mainstream AAA studio.

Site web Abyss World; https://www.abyssworld.games

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