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Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime The Largest Airdrop Event in History

Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime.

The Metatime ecosystem is making a big impact around the world with MetaAirdrop, the largest airdrop event in history!

By participating in this event, which offers a total of 200 million MTC awards, winning is so easy. The event will run from March 3, 2023 to January 1, 2024. Rewards will be distributed on the first day of every month with MetaAirtime. Each month, 10 million MTC awards will be distributed. In the end, the top 100 participants will receive a total of 20 million MTC awards. The remaining unlimited number of participants will receive a total of 90 million MTC awards according to their MTAp scores.

To win in this event, earn MTAp points by promoting the event on social media, creating videos on YouTube, or sharing on Twitter. MTAp points will be used to calculate the MTC rewards you earn.

metatimeusd Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime

Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime MetaCoin Ecosystem

But that’s not all! The MetaCoin ecosystem will have even greater rewards in the future. Joining now means not missing out on a significant opportunity. By being part of the ecosystem, you can earn even more as an investor.

MetaAirdrop is an airdrop event that will be held with a total of 110 million MTC awards. The event will continue until January 1, 2024. During this time, an unlimited number of participants will win their awards with a single distribution.

MetaAirtime awards, on the other hand, are a total of 90 million MTC awards that will be distributed regularly on the 1st of each month from April 1, 2023 onwards. Participants will earn MTAp points by promoting the event on social media, creating videos on YouTube, or performing certain activities in other events. These points can be used to claim rewards.

MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime awards will be distributed according to MTAp scores, and there can be an unlimited number of winners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a investor by participating in MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime!

metatimeairdrop Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime

Metatime Star Event

Metatime, which sets out with the goal of becoming the world’s most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, is preparing for MetaAirdrop events that will last 10 months and will bring many innovations.

Starting on 03.03.2023, MetaAirdrop events will last until 01.01.2024 and a total of 200 million MetaCoins (MTC) will be distributed as rewards to participants.

Two different reward pools have been created for MetaAirdrop events. The 90 million MetaCoins in the first reward pool will be distributed to participants over a period of 9 months, as 10 million coins being distributed each month. At the end of a 10-month marathon, the second reward pool consisting of 110 million MTC will be awarded as the final reward to the winners.
This will guarantee that every user who participates in the MetaAirdrop event will benefit from the MTC reward pool.

How Do I Sign Up for MetaAirdrop? How Do I Earn Points on MetaAirDrop?
metatimeproject-1024x376 Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime

Signing up for MetaAirdrop is very easy. All you need to do is go to and create a new account. You can open an account with your email address, phone number or MetaMask and Trust Wallet cryptocurrency wallets and start collecting your rewards.

During the MetaAirdrop events, where the competition will increase every moment, many innovations will be made. Two of these innovations are the Leaderboard and the MetaPoint (MTAp) system. Earned MetaPoints will determine your place in the leaderboard and therefore the number of MetaCoins you will earn. To earn MTAp, you can;

  • Verify your email address and phone number
  • Invite your friends
  • Postion on social media
  • By doing the given tasks

You can constantly earn points and improve your ranking. This way, you can earn more MetaCoin from a total prize pool of 90 million units by ranking high in the Monthly Leaderboard, which will be reset on the first day of each month.

MetaAirTime and Monthly Leaderboard
metatimealead Airdrop MetaAirdrop and MetaAirtime

MetaAirdrop brings another innovation with the MetaAirTime system. The competition and excitement will never end in MetaAirdrop which will last for months and distribute a total of 200 million MetaCoins. Within the scope of MetaAirTime, which will start on 03.03.2023, a Monthly Leaderboard will be launched with points earned each month. Every month, 10 million MTC will be distributed to participants through MetaAirTime. The monthly leaderboard will be reset on the first day of each month. Those with the highest score will win the most rewards from the reward pool. You can follow the Leaderboard from the MetaAirdrop homepage.

All MetaPoints (MTAp) earned by all users who registered for MetaAirdrop from 03.03.2023 to 01.01.2024 will be collected to create the ‘MetaLeaderboard’. With this ranking, which will be based on the MTAp earned throughout all MetaAirdrop events, a total of 110 million MTC will be distributed to participants in January 2024. While 20 million MetaCoins will be distributed to the top 100 participants in the ranking, the remaining 90 million MetaCoins will be distributed to all other participants based on their MetaPoints.
Don’t miss the opportunity that everyone who participates in the MetaAirdrop and completes the tasks will earn MetaCoin. Sign up and complete the tasks now!

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