Altlayer Autonomous Worlds Phase 4 Galxe

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Altlayer Autonomous Worlds Phase 4 Galxe

Altlayer Autonomous Worlds

Campaign duration: September 26 — October 27, 11:59 PM UTC.

Taking inspiration from the resounding success of the previous three phases, we are excited to present the grand culmination of the Altitude campaign: AltLayer Phase IV – Autonomous Worlds.

In this exhilarating culmination, we cordially invite our vibrant community to delve into a myriad of fully on-chain games meticulously crafted on AltLayer’s state-of-the-art Turbo framework, meticulously designed for Autonomous Worlds. Turbo is more than just advanced technology; it represents a modular rollup stack that promises to elevate your gaming experience by offering scalability, low latency, and complete immersion for all its residents.

altlayer-galxe-mission Altlayer Autonomous Worlds Phase 4 Galxe

The Turbo framework boasts an impressive array of features, including:

  • Near-instant confirmation times, dramatically improving latency.
  • Dynamic block production rates, optimizing efficiency to unparalleled levels.
  • Zero-Gas transactions, eliminating the need for Account Abstraction.
  • Horizontal Scaling, ensuring seamless operations at any scale.
  • An innovative Burner wallet management system for an even smoother user experience.
  • A Verifiable Random Number Generator, guaranteeing a dependable and transparent source of randomness.

To accommodate an astounding one million simultaneous online players, Turbo takes center stage by spawning nearly 100 rollups, effectively turbocharging the games. Among the highlights are three captivating games: Ottie 2048, Cellula, and Loot Royale. While Ottie 2048 is a homegrown masterpiece by AltLayer, the other two have been masterfully crafted by talented developers within the AltLayer ecosystem.

Ottie 2048 – Gaming Redefined

Ottie 2048, by AltLayer (, reinvents the beloved “2048” puzzle game for the blockchain era. The challenge remains familiar: merge tiles with identical numbers to reach the coveted 2048. What sets Ottie 2048 apart is its transformation of each in-game move into an on-chain action using AltLayer Turbo. This seamlessly integrates this engaging experience into the world of decentralized applications. To add a touch of charm, Ottie 2048 introduces our beloved character, “Oh Ottie!” For mobile users, the in-app browser of Metamask simplifies access to

Ottie 2048 leverages the AltLayer Turbo framework to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience in Autonomous Worlds.

  • Speed: In a fast-paced game like Ottie 2048, rapid response times are crucial for providing instant feedback to players. Turbo’s near-instant confirmation time, combined with dynamic block production rates, ensures this objective is met with finesse.
  • Frictionless: Traditional crypto wallets and gas mechanisms can introduce complexity for users. Turbo addresses these challenges with innovative solutions such as 0 gas price rollups and an in-game burner wallet. This approach allows users to focus on the game, eliminating the need to manage gas fees and monitor real-time gas prices.
  • Scale: Turbo introduces on-demand horizontal scaling across different regions. Ottie 2048 will be deployed on rollups distributed across three continents: Asia, Europe, and North America, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Exploring Altlayer Autonomous Worlds

altlayer-galxe-cellula Altlayer Autonomous Worlds Phase 4 Galxe

Ecosystem Game: Cellula

Cellula is a fully on-chain autonomous life simulation strategy game. Players nurture and evolve unique life forms, employing diverse strategies to survive and thrive.

Ecosystem Game: Loot Royale 

Loot Royale is a fast-paced, fully on-chain battle royale game with a rich loot NFT ecosystem. In the test version, players gather loot boxes, collaborate, and scheme against others to emerge as the last one standing in the arena.

Campaign Details Altlayer Autonomous Worlds

To participate in this campaign, visit Galxe and complete the following tasks. Completing primary game tasks makes you eligible for bonus tasks.

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