Splinterlands Stake SPS Token Rewards

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Splinterlands Stake SPS Token Rewards

Splinterlands Stake SPS

Splinterlands Prepares to Remove Card Ownership Requirement and Introduces Staked SPS Token Rewards

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Popular gaming platform, is about to undergo a significant transformation. In the past, players were restricted by the requirement to own a certain value of cards in order to advance to higher leagues. However, Splinterlands has now announced plans to remove this barrier and implement a new reward system that incentivizes players to hold staked SPS tokens.

Integration of SPS Token:

Spinterlands-sps-stake-claim Splinterlands Stake SPS Token Rewards

Over the past two years, Splinterlands has been gradually integrating the SPS token into its game system, making it an integral part of the entire ecosystem. As a natural progression, they have decided to use staked SPS tokens as a new measurement for generating rewards.

Collection Score and League Access:

Currently, players’ progress is determined by their Collection score, based on the number of cards they own. This score determines access to higher-ranked leagues. However, the upcoming changes will eliminate the need for a large collection to progress, revolutionizing the game’s dynamics.

Splinterlands Stake SPS for Enhanced Rewards:

The new system, set to launch on July 6th, will incorporate staked SPS tokens to generate reward points. These points determine the amount of SPS won from matches and the number of chests players receive. By staking SPS tokens, players will earn reward point multipliers, which will be added to existing modifiers such as gold foil cards and win streaks. Notably, the current reward points bonuses will remain unchanged.

Flexible League Access:

splinterlands-season Splinterlands Stake SPS Token Rewards

The removal of the card ownership requirement means that any player can now reach higher leagues without needing staked SPS tokens. However, players who hold staked SPS tokens will have the opportunity to earn more substantial rewards.

Reward Tiers and Multipliers:

 The chart below provides an overview of the SPS token requirements for different reward tiers. To maintain current rewards, players should aim for the 10x column. The maximum reward points multiplier from staked SPS tokens can reach up to 13.3x.

Delegate or Rent SPS: Splinterlands Stake SPS

Already offers a delegation system for staked SPS tokens. Additionally, they will introduce an SPS rental market, allowing players to rent SPS tokens from others. Rental orders must be filled entirely, and rentals automatically expire after seven days. Third-party platforms may offer additional rental or delegation features in the future.

Impact on Card Market: Splinterlands Stake SPS

This change will likely impact the card market, as players holding cards solely for Collection power will no longer need to do so. This influx of cards may lower prices for common and lower-valued cards, providing opportunities for new players to build their collections.

Increased SPS Token Value:


Integration of staked SPS tokens will enhance the value and utility of the SPS token within the Splinterlands ecosystem. Already, there has been a 6% increase in the value of SPS tokens since the official announcement.

Community Response:

Announcement of these changes has sparked a lot of excitement and discussion within the Splinterlands community. Players are eagerly anticipating the removal of the card ownership requirement, as it will level the playing field and allow skill to be the primary factor in advancing through the leagues. Many players are also looking forward to the enhanced rewards that come with staking SPS tokens, as it provides an additional incentive to hold and invest in the token.

Market Speculation:

With the impending changes, there is speculation about the potential impact on the Splinterlands card market. Some players believe that the increased availability of cards due to the removal of the ownership requirement may lead to a temporary decrease in prices, as more cards flood the market. However, others argue that the introduction of the SPS rental market and the overall increase in activity within the ecosystem may create a more dynamic and balanced card market in the long run.

Innovation and Future Development: Splinterlands Stake SPS

splinterlands-battle-1024x576 Splinterlands Stake SPS Token Rewards

Staked SPS tokens into the reward system showcases Splinterlands’ commitment to innovation and creating a vibrant gaming experience for its community. This change sets the stage for future developments and enhancements within the ecosystem. Players are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, including the highly anticipated land gameplay phase, which is expected to introduce new opportunities for card merging and staking.

Third-Party Tools and Services:

The community has always been known for its resourcefulness and creativity. As the game evolves, it is likely that third-party platforms and services will emerge to complement the official features offered by Splinterlands. These external tools may provide additional functionalities for renting or delegating SPS tokens, as well as offer analytical insights and strategies to help players maximize their rewards and gameplay experience.

Overall, the upcoming changes in Splinterlands are generating a buzz of anticipation and optimism among players. The removal of the card ownership requirement, the integration of staked SPS tokens, and the introduction of new features and possibilities all contribute to the continuous growth and evolution of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Players are excited to embark on this new chapter and explore the limitless potential that lies ahead in their journey through the Splinterlands.

These forthcoming changes in Splinterlands will redefine gameplay dynamics, opening up access to higher leagues and providing enhanced rewards for players holding staked SPS tokens. The integration of the SPS token will drive market activity and offer new opportunities for both existing and new players in the Splinterlands universe.

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