ZetaChainPad Airdrop SCAM Confirmed 3,000,000

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ZetaChainPad Airdrop Confirmed 3,000,000

ZetaChainPad Airdrop
Well well crypto friends I came across this new project, I premise that a little bit it seems strange after the cheelee super scam I don’t wonder about anything, however I see that there is a discord task on zealy the site looks decent and the scores are average.

It doesn’t look like a scam, let’s see in detail what we are talking about.

Update: In the end I was another SCAM 🙂

What is ZetaChainpad Airdrop

zeta_airdrop_project ZetaChainPad Airdrop SCAM Confirmed 3,000,000

ZetaChainpad is a cutting-edge launchpad at the forefront of the zetachain ecosystem, dedicated to launching the most innovative crypto projects on the zetachain network.

Join Zealy; https://zealy.io/c/zetachainpad/invite/IMDGGfQ_UzWlRCwllgNOL

also offers a range of features that make it an attractive platform for both projects and investors.

ZetaChainpad Ecosystem

zetachainpad ZetaChainPad Airdrop SCAM Confirmed 3,000,000

ZetaChainpad, a crypto launchpad powered by zeta blockchain, is preparing to introduce its own decentralized exchange (DEX)

will incorporate staking as a key component of their platform, offering various benefits to participants.


Insurance is designed to offer financial protection against potential risks and losses associated with the launchpad platform and its projects


A tier system refers to a structure that sets different investment limits and benefits for users based on their level of participation or token holdings.

ZetaChainPad Airdrop Point Ranking System

zeta_airdrop_ranking ZetaChainPad Airdrop SCAM Confirmed 3,000,000

Unfortunately there are not many details yet and there is little to tell which makes it a bit suspicious…but maybe we were also the first to find out? Let’s see what happens in the next few days I will update this article for now I will just do zealy tasks to score.

There will be 9 layers. Each layer will get 11.11% of the airdrop which is 330,000 tokens. The higher your layer is, the fewer people you share with = you get more tokens (layer 1 is top, layer 9 is bottom)

  • Daily tasks to stack points (XP)
  • Time-sensitive tasks
  • On some days, we have HIGH XP tasks
  • There are even MORE XP tasks for also going above & beyond

Starts: May 24, 2023 Ends: June 31, 2023 Airdrop distribution:

50% on July 1, 2023

50% on August 1, 2023

Join Zealy; https://zealy.io/c/zetachainpad/invite/IMDGGfQ_UzWlRCwllgNOL

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