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Bomb Crypto Scholarship

Bomb Crypto Scholarship it is certainly no mystery to both those who play bomb crypto and those who follow its token, which in the last period after giving far too much to those who entered at the beginning is certainly not doing well. For that matter, the bcoin token from a value of 2/3$ has hit rock bottom with a value of 0.20$ even if it is trying to recover with the latest innovations developed by the devs.

Of bomb crypto we have already made an introduction of the game and the various modes in this article that you can read here!

Instead, let’s see what new features have been introduced with the latest developments(in a month or so).

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial2 Bomb Crypto Scholarship

Bomb Crypto scholarship 5 bcoin

The scholar system is a feature that also exists in other successful games example axie infinity. It consists of lending your account to another player who will farm instead of you by splitting the earnings, but in reality it is not yet clear how the profits will be split.

At the same time to get the token back up a bit they stated that to withdraw now you need at least 5 bcoins in the wallet.
A move to get the value of their token back up, served little purpose considering it worked for 2 days.

new-nft-game-bomb-crypto-scholarship Bomb Crypto Scholarship
new-nft-game-bomb-crypto-scholarship1 Bomb Crypto Scholarship

Bomb Crypto scholarship many other new features, transparency

The changes introduced after they continuously made changes without communicating it to the players first for different period, made the community quite infuriated as they woke up with a different NERF every day especially regarding the rewards of the crates.

The nerf started after too many players made over 500% ROI penalizing new players who instead started playing about a month and a half ago.
To balance the economy of the game, but I repeat intervention made too late they drastically nerfed the rewards even for new users despite the fact that the reward statistic marks 100%

In any case those who are now in ROI of 500% and above will no longer earn any bcoin even if they have an account with all legendaries.

The policy introduced by Bomb Crypto does not fully satisfy me of the rest as soon as I get my ROI back I will move on to something else as in my account 14 commons and one rare are doing well and not using any bots and sleeping at night in one month I barely managed to make 60 bcoin. Too little but for that I have various NERFs and days maintenance to thank.

Also it seems that character fusion using bcoin will also come into play, but the problem is that it can fail so you will lose bcoin and the 2 characters you wanted to fuse for another rare.

new-nft-game-bomb-crypto-scholarship3 Bomb Crypto Scholarship
new-nft-game-bomb-crypto-scholarship4 Bomb Crypto Scholarship

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