Ember Sword Pre-Alpha

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Ember Sword Pre-Alpha

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha was just released earlier this week and is open to NFT owners. Let’s take a look at this highly anticipated MMORPG play and earn.

Ember Sword is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Bright Star studio, a company with 49 employees!

In the world of Ember Sword, each player belongs to one of 4 nations: Dukerson, Sevrend, Solarwood or Ediseau. Each nation has its own environment and dynamics, so choose carefully which nation suits you best.

As a citizen of Ember Sword, you can choose your role in battle. You can be an archer or a warrior, for example, and this will depend on the equipment your character is equipped with.

Each nation is divided into different territories, and each territory will be connected to a certain type of activity. For example, as you can see in the diagram, if you like PVP, you will probably spend more time in outlaw territories. If you prefer to kill some monsters, then the desert will be more suitable.

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Gameplay

ember_sword_pre_alpha-min2-1024x463 Ember Sword Pre-Alpha

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha is a MMORPG

social sandbox that takes place in a player-driven universe where adventure finds you. Built by a team of imaginative artists, engineers and game designers, Ember Sword offers a unique and frictionless community-driven PvP and PVE gaming experience, and enables true ownership of digital game assets using blockchain technology.

In MMORPGs, nations usually only influence PvP activities. But in Ember Sword, it is more complex than that. Nations influence the area where players will start, and each area is related to a certain type of activity. For example, there are areas related to PvP activities, other areas with world bosses, and other areas with quests and exchanges. Players, when choosing a Nation, should consider what kinds of activities they want to engage in. Of course, there will also be PvP activities between different Nations. Initially, only Solarwood will be available.

The four Nations available are:

  • Severend
  • Solarwood
  • Duskeron
  • Ediseau

So, as a web3 game it also has NFTs and in the future a cryptographic token. It will always be free-to-play and NFTs will exist in the form of cosmetics, land plots and badges. Players, fighting monsters, may release some of these NFT skins that can then be sold on the ImmutableX marketplace .

When it comes to land, these will be used to obtain tokens as passive income and to build infrastructure such as guild houses and stores. These were exhausted in 2021. Badges have also been exhausted in 2021 and will give early access and tokens to holders.

Ember Sword Pre-Alpha Token ember

Ember is the game token. The customized ERC-20 token is designed to be the heart of Ember Sword and can be used for a wide range of game activities. Ember cannot be used to purchase things that make you stronger. Players can purchase land, cosmetics, pets and mounts with Ember.

Website; Ember Sword

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