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Gala Games Grit Epic Games Store

Web3 game company Gala Games Grit said it will publish its blockchain games on the Epic Games Store, starting with the Wild West title Grit .

This is a big step forward for the visibility and mainstream potential of games with NFT tokens, which use blockchain to authenticate unique digital objects and allow players to resell them.

Gala Games hopes to bring Web3 games to the masses, exposing millions of players to this new genre of entertainment and solidifying its place as a leader in the burgeoning Web3 games industry. While blockchain game companies have raised a lot of money, the player base has been small. Reaching the mainstream, even amid an outcry over objections to NFTs from some players, has become the goal of all blockchain game companies that focus on high-quality content.

Gala Games has built its blockchain ecosystem on the Gala Games (GALA) token, which was created on the ERC-20 standard for the Ethereum blockchain, and also works with Binance Smart Chain. Through the token, players can invest in their game assets, such as Spider Tanks, and own them. They can resell them as well. Their tokens also give them the right to vote on the future direction of game development.

Gala Games Grit

newnftgame_galagames_grit Gala Games Grit Epic Games Store

Grit, a battle royale title set in the Wild West created by Team Grit, is the first in a series of titles from Gala Games that may be coming to the Epic Games Store. This announcement follows on the heels of a series of firsts for the Web3 company.

Gala recently announced a Web3 first-person shooter (FPS) from a triple-A studio, launched the Gala Music platform, and announced the company’s upcoming launch of Spider Tanks, the world’s first NFT esport.

Grit is built on the Unreal Engine with realistic physics. Players must mount, ride and battle through a city. Each Grit game is different, from Train Chase mode to Golden Horse with the promise of epic confrontations and gunfights.

Gala Games Blockchain

Gala Games has created a platform that combines play-to-earn and NFT mechanics and is recruiting game developers who know how to create fun games.

Gala Games’ GALA token has a market capitalization of $520 million, which is far below its November peak of $5.4 billion. It followed the pattern of many blockchain game systems in that market decline. But that has not disabled the company’s ability to fund new games.
The challenge is to turn the process of buying, storing, and selling NFTs into a simple process that traditional players can easily adopt. Gala uses Metamask wallets and the OpenSea trading platform.

Gala is a Web3 entertainment ecosystem that allows users to earn rewards for their routine entertainment activities, such as playing, listening, or watching.

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