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GoMining Airdrop $GMT + NFT GoMining protocol

GoMining Airdrop $GMT + NFT

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Protocol has unveiled the latest v2 version and introduced a fresh perspective on the narrative surrounding Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate tokens (LBH). These LBH tokens are poised to emerge as a novel form of yield-bearing asset within the Defi realm, symbolizing active engagement in the Bitcoin PoW consensus mechanism and finding widespread utility in Defi applications.

The rollout includes a revamped GMT token model, strategically designed to foster the growth and expansion of the LBH ecosystem.

The utilization of the token offers diverse avenues for token holders:

  1. Engage in staking to earn passive income.
  2. Serve as a payment method for purchasing NFTs, groundbreaking NFTs that directly mine bitcoins.
  3. Facilitate transactions as a means of payment in online retail.
  4. Enable transactions within the NFT Game, covering in-game mechanics.
  5. Act as payment for various services, encompassing digital mining, real equipment hosting, and partner programs.
  6. Attain royalties in GoMining tokens via sales conducted through referral links.

What does GoMining Staking entail?

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GoMining Staking presents an avenue for passive yield generation by holding and locking your tokens for a specified duration. It’s crucial to note that GoMining Staking doesn’t function under the Proof-of-Stake mechanism. Instead, it operates through smart contracts using ERC-20 protocols. The distribution of rewards is guaranteed by the intelligent contract code governing GoMining Staking.

Where do the staking rewards originate?

The tokens staked by users demonstrate a commitment to long-term ownership of GoMining tokens. A higher number of tokens staked within GoMining’s smart contracts positively influences the token’s exchange rate and contributes to the company’s consistent growth. We employ staked GoMining tokens as collateral to acquire new equipment and generate mining yields, which, in turn, fund staking rewards. Thus, by contributing GMT tokens, you aid the company’s expansion and gain personal benefits through staking rewards.

The GoMining Airdrop Champions Program

The program will run from July 31, 2023 to September 30, 2023.

  • Prize Pool is $30,000 (225,000 GMT tokens) and 86 GoMining NFTs.
  • Top 1 XP: 20,000 GMT tokens + 3 NFTs
  • Top 2 XP: 13,000 GMT tokens + 2 NFTs
  • Top 3 XP: 8,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
  • Top 4–10 XP: 5,000 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
  • Top 11–20 XP: 2,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
  • Top 21–30 XP: 1,500 GMT tokens + 1 NFT
  • Top 31–100 XP: 800 GMT tokens
  • Top 101–150 XP: 400 GMT tokens
  • Top 151–300 XP: 150 GMT tokens

150 random participants who don’t get into the top 300 will get 100 GMT tokens and 50 NFTs will be randomly distributed among all of the participants.

How to Participate To participate in the GoMining Champions Program, users must our current Zealy Sprint and complete at least one quest.

Link Zealy: https://zealy.io/c/gominingcommunity/invite/u_1wjU9V8EdGHigjRlHmw

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