Mystery of Pandralia Campaign

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Mystery of Pandralia Campaign

Mystery of Pandralia Campaign Pandra is an omnichain NFT collection built with zk Light Client on LayerZero. Pandras can travel across different blockchains. They wear different outfits on different chains and their occupations are determined by the birth chain. You may collect different Pandras to summon your own Pandra king. Explore the mystery of Pandralia and have fun!

Campaign Rules:

There are multiple sender chains and receiver chains within the campaign. More blockchains will be integrated and more Pandras will appear when you explore the mystery of Pandralia.

We have several corresponding tasks to help you discover the mysteries in Pandralia.
Complete our tasks and claim Loyalty points of Polyhedra Network.

July 11, 2023 00:00 to August 20, 2023 23:59 UTC +0

Limit: maximum 6 per address per chain.

Here are some additional details about the campaign:

  • Start date: July 15, 2023
  • End date: August 1, 2023
  • Number of NFTs: 10,000
  • Blockchains: BNB Chain, Polygon, Core
  • Rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Token distribution: The number of tokens that you will receive will depend on the rarity level of your Mystery Panda NFT.

Looking for Pandras? Mystery of Pandralia Campaign

Discover and acquire Pandras at the official Pandra gallery: Stay tuned for the unveiling of new and captivating Pandras as Pandralia continues to expand!

Pandra’s Journey Pandras embark on their inter-chain journeys through the enigmatic zkBridge platform: As they traverse different blockchains, Pandras adapt their appearances to seamlessly blend into each specific environment.

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The Birthplace of Legends Within the mystical dimensions of the digital realm lies Pandralia, a captivating parallel universe pulsating with vibrant energy. It is within this realm that Pandras, charming and multifaceted creatures, call home.

Birthed from the fusion of a panda and Polyhedra, Pandras encapsulate the essence of blockchain innovation and diversity. Their extraordinary ability to navigate multiple chains distinguishes them from other beings, with each journey leaving an indelible mark, shaping them into unique representations of their birth chains.


CodeConqueror Born on the BNB Chain, CodeConqueror Pandras are coding geniuses at the forefront of digital innovation. As engineers in Pandralia, they harmonize and maintain the interconnected chains through their mastery of code.

PixelProwler Emerging from the immersive world of Polygon, PixelProwler Pandras excel in the realm of gaming. Their skillful maneuvers and strategic prowess mirror the dynamic nature of the ever-evolving digital universe.

MelodyMaven Crafted with the creative energy of Core DAO, MelodyMaven Pandras are music maestros. Their enchanting melodies resonate throughout the chains, spreading unity and the euphoria of shared passions.

Every Pandra’s appearance undergoes a remarkable transformation as they journey across different chains, reflecting the distinct qualities of each blockchain and evolving their aesthetic. Each Pandra represents a unique NFT, a digital masterpiece blending innovation, creativity, and technological prowess.

Collect diverse Pandras, each with their own personalities and abilities, and unlock the power to summon the legendary Pandra king. This regal figure embodies the entirety of the blockchain realm, guarding untold secrets. Together with the Pandra king, venture into the thrilling unknown of Pandralia, where mysteries abound.

In the universe of Pandralia, each journey marks a new chapter in the grand narrative of the blockchain world, with every Pandra bearing witness to the incredible potential of decentralized networks. Join the Pandras as they traverse diverse blockchains, becoming an integral part of this extraordinary narrative.

Summon Your Own Pandra King Mystery of Pandralia Campaign

Upon collecting a specific number of Pandras, you gain the ability to summon your own Pandra king. This majestic ruler holds the key to the enigmatic secrets of Pandralia and reveals hidden treasures. By summoning the Pandra king, you enter a lottery where magnificent treasures await. The initial treasure chest holds an impressive sum of 100,000 USDT, and as Pandralia continues to thrive with new partners and Pandras, the treasure pool expands, mirroring the dynamic growth of our digital realm.

Each Pandra king not only brings the potential for wealth but also grants you prestige and honor within this ever-evolving digital realm. Join us in Pandralia, where each Pandra represents a ticket to an adventure filled with mystery, enjoyment, and extraordinary reward!

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