DripVerse Omni Origins Testnet Mission 2

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Omni Origins Testnet Mission 2: DripVerse

DripVerse Protocol as more rollups are launched, the Ethereum ecosystem continues to experience fragmentation, posing a challenge for developers when deciding where to deploy their applications. Omni addresses this issue by creating a cross rollup communication layer secured via EigenLayer restaking.

Instead of developers being limited to deploying their app on a single rollup and accessing only a small portion of the market, Omni enables them to deploy their app across all rollups, making it accessible to all users.

The DripVerse Protocol’s 

primary objective is to enhance the web3 experience by providing developers with an easy way to build NFT collections with native functionality and utility.

The DripVerse team has chosen to deploy their protocol on the Omni Network to extend this innovative functionality across all of Ethereum’s rollups. Additionally, they offer a user-friendly, no-code interface that empowers creators to effortlessly create, manage, and distribute NFTs.

DripVerse benefits 

significantly from deploying on the Omni Network for various reasons:

  • Universal Minting: Omni facilitates easy access to NFTs, allowing users from any chain to mint them. This significantly broadens the addressable market for new NFT projects.
  • NFT Teleportation: Through Omni, NFTs can be “teleported” or moved between chains, enabling seamless interoperation with protocols from every rollup for DripVerse users.
  • Transactions Across Rollups: Thanks to Omni’s design, DripVerse can efficiently handle transactions from any domain, enabling users to trade smoothly on their preferred chain.
  • Advantages to Partners: By deploying on Omni Network, DripVerse’s partners can extend their reach, serve a larger user base, and grow their projects without facing the complexities of various rollups.

DripVerse’s integration with the Omni Network is now part of the second task on the Omni Origin testnet, demonstrating its capabilities. Users can actively mint NFTs on DripVerse using the Omni platform. The step-by-step guide for participating in DripVerse’s testnet deployment and minting NFTs is as follows:

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Priority Access Program:

  •  The testnet exclusively welcomes community members participating in the Priority Access Program. Once users mint any 1 OAT from the available ones, they become eligible to claim funds from the faucet.
  • Claiming Testnet Funds: After receiving OAT, users can visit the faucet to claim their testnet funds by adding the address holding the OAT.
  • Connecting to DripVerse: Users need to connect their wallet to DripVerse, click on BUIDL, and then select MINT.
  • https://protocoldripverse.org
  • https://faucet.omni.network/
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Uploading NFT Details: Users must complete the required fields, including artwork, name, and description, and choose Omni Testnet as the target network for minting their NFT.
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Participating in the Omni Origins Testnet with DripVerse aligns users with a groundbreaking movement propelling the future of NFTs, unlocking new opportunities for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts within the ever-expanding Web3 world.

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In conclusion, DripVerse’s decision to deploy on the Omni Network aims to establish a more user-friendly and versatile NFT market, reflecting the ongoing direction of blockchain technology.

The Omni Network DripVerse 

campaign is an exciting Layer 1 (L1) network designed to connect all the roll-up networks. With recent funding of 18 million USD, the project is promising and worth keeping an eye on. In this guide, we’ll explore how to get involved and participate in this innovative project.

So guys our goal is to complete these campaigns on Galxe!




Omni: Origins Testnet Launch

This is the first opportunity that the community will have to use the Omni infrastructure as well as an application built on Omni. New features and products will be released as the network scales, users who participate early can expect a number of new developments and surprises along the way.

You can get started today by joining the Origins Testnet for the L1 network that will begin to power Ethereum’s entire rollup ecosystem. Get early access by joining the Omni Missions channel on discord today. As a reminder, Community members who complete the most missions will have access to a special set of the latest testnet functionality as the network grows.

Let’s get started!

Getting Free Testnet Funds

You can access the Omni Origins Testnet Faucet here. However, the initial launch of our testnet is available exclusively to community members who have participated in our Priority Access Program. If you have not participated yet, you can go to our the Omni Community Galxe Space and after you have been minted 1 OAT for completing a mission you will be eligible to claim funds from the faucet.

About DripVerse Protocol:

DripVerse Protocol is dedicated to improving web3 dev tooling and infrastructure for builders and creators, starting with optimizing the post-mint experience. Builders and developers can utilize the DripVerse SDK to create products and power NFT and Utilities, while the DripVerse Platform offers a no-code interface for easy NFT creation, management, and distribution.

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