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Xpansion Tutorial Strategy Game

Xpansion Tutorial is a decentralized 4x strategy game set in the near future. Faced with a dying world, the remnants of Earth’s population have launched waves of expeditions to colonize habitable worlds surrounding nearby stars.
Xpansion is a decentralized sandbox environment powered entirely by NFTs, fungible on-chain raw materials and an on-chain economic resource model.

Build your economic base, expand your political influence, form alliances and accumulate resources. Be among the first to settle Kepler 22b. Consolidate Kepler 22b as the new cradle of humanity before landings on Proxima Centauri and Barnard’s Star. Accumulate the enormous resources needed to launch new arks to settle new worlds.

Xpansion Tutorial Land

newnftgame_xpansion1 Xpansion Tutorial Step by Step

There are a total of 20,000 NFT lands on Kepler 22B with 6 different rarities. Each NFT land can generate both XPS tokens and all kinds of resources.
Number of lands on Kepler 22B
Lands on Xpansion have 6 rarities and the table below describes their distribution on Kepler 22B:

When importing a land portal into the game to claim a land, the user can choose any location on the map or any land type. Locations and land types do not affect the mining power of the land.

Xpansion Equipment NFT

NFTs will have the same dispersion of rarity as terrestrial NFTs, for each type of equipment. Equipment types in Phase 1 of the game include:

  • Robotic miners
  • Material extractors
  • Material refiners
  • Laboratories

Equipment NFTs can be affixed to terrain tiles. Each type of Equipment NFT provides a boost to the basic amount of resources produced from terrain, which will depend on rarity. Some types of equipment increase the production of particular resources.

There will be only one slot per terrain, per player, to place Equipment NFTs. Players do not have to control the Land on which they place Equipment NFTs, but the owner of the corresponding Land NFT can decide how much of the Resource yield he or she wishes to retain, effectively taxing the Resource yield. The Resource yield tax will be subject to a cap.
There are 10,000 NFTs of each type of equipment with 6 different rarities.

newnftgame_xpansion2 Xpansion Tutorial Step by Step
Using XPS on Xpansion

XPSs are needed for upgrading land settlements and, in later stages of the game, for building arks in order to colonize new worlds (as part of Phase 2) that have not yet been discovered. XPSs will also be needed to deploy military units in later stages.

Players will be able to place XPSs in their own lands or those of other players to express support for the player’s cause in exchange for rewards. Land owners can determine the percentage of rewards they wish to share with stakers. Eventually, players will bet XPS in the lands of other players who are willing to share their distributions of the player reward pool.

We could see this betting system as the basis for the formation of ranking systems, clans, and alliances over time. A governance system can take shape in which players with the most XPSs pointed toward them form the foundation of a DAO-based system for the game. Players can also point XPSs toward their own Land.

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