Alien Worlds NFT Points Series 2

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Alien Worlds NFT Points Series 2

Alien Worlds NFT Points is back in an exciting new way! Where once there was “NFT Luck” there is now “NFT Power,” and when explorers mine with tools that have “NFT Power” they now earn redeemable Alien Worlds NFT Points.
With this transparent and skill-based system, players accumulate NFT points from mining in the form of redeemable points and ranking points .
Mining with tools without NFT power does not accumulate NFT points, and only tools with common rarity and above earn points

N.B abundant NFTs do not earn points. Example the classic Standard Drills.

Alien Worlds NFT Points

Redeemable points accumulate when players are mine and can be redeemed for NFTs. Redeemable NFTs include new and existing NFTs, and all Alien Worlds NFTs are now awarded this way.
Explorers can now incorporate NFT points and earn NFTs into their game strategy. The industrious among you will enjoy redeeming points and receiving new NFT playing cards for the first time.

Drawing formula:
NFT_Points_Per_Mine = Land_NFT_Multiplier * (Tool1_NFT_Power + Tool2_NFT_Power + Tool3_NFT_Power)
Example: using two “Gasrigged Extractors” (NFT power = 2+2) on a mountain (NFT power multiplier 2.2x) we get 2.2 * (2+2) = 8.8 NFT points per mine

newnftagame_alienworlds2 Alien Worlds NFT Points Series 2

Classifica punti

Ranking points are separated by points that can be redeemed for NFT. There are 10 rank levels. Scouts start at level 1 or Novice and are able to level up to level 10, Oshi Initiate.

Each time a player’s Rank Points reach a new level, their hard work will be rewarded with an NFT. These NFTs have never been seen or used before in the game and will have utility in Alien Worlds.

newnftagame_alienworlds1 Alien Worlds NFT Points Series 2

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