Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn

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Bomb Crypto Tutorial

Bomb Crypto

Is a play-to-earn game about Binance Smart Chain.
It offers storyline mode, PVE mode and PVP mode. All in which you can earn rewards, you can start playing via PC and via access with MetaMask.

The initial cost to be able to participate in the game is 10 BCOIN (or 1 Bomber Hero).

The higher the rarity of the hero, the higher the stored energy bar, so the longer it heals, if there is no home, the recovery rate will be 0.5 energy/min
The higher the hero’s stamina, the higher the energy reserve.
1 point stamina = 50 energy

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial2 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn

Bomb Crypto Tutorial token (BCOIN)

BCOIN is the BEP-20 token that allows token holders to play, trade, invest and also be part of the development of the gaming ecosystem. BCOIN has strong security, high liquidity,
and is easy to trade. This can help users play, have fun, and make profits from the game.

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial1 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn

Bomb Crypto Treasure Hunt

In Bomb Crypto there are three modes by which players can earn money.

In the Treasure Hunt mode, players can send bombing heroes to mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks and find BCOIN. These heroes can play automatically which helps players save a lot of time to do other tasks.

The hero also consumes energy every time a bomb is placed. When the energy runs out, the hero will enter a resting state to recharge his energy. If a house is purchased, it will increase the recharging speed.

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial3 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn
Bomb Crypto mode story

Players choose their own bomber hero to participate in each level in Story mode. The player must destroy all the monsters to pass each level. Breaking blocks and killing monsters also gives players a chance to drop BCOINs.
Engaging in a level also requires the hero bomber’s energy. Therefore, if there is not enough energy, the hero cannot be selected to participate in any level. In addition, during the game, if you are touched by a monster, you also lose energy. If the hero’s energy reaches zero, you lose the battle.
In addition, the game also offers boss battles that give many interesting NFT rewards.

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial4 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn
Bomb Crypto war

In Battle mode, players join a bomb battle to fight against other players. To participate, not only do players need a specific type of energy, but they must also pay a certain amount of tokens as an entry fee that will then be used as a reward. The eventual winner takes most of the losers’ tokens.

new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial5 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn
Bomb Crypto tutorial finish

In the last period there has been so much talk about this game, indeed in front of an investment of at least 15 heroes it offers the possibility of earning in the long run. Perhaps that is why it has become so popular, the investors are also of a certain level.
Besides, the characters are very likeable for those who like this kind of thing!

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new-nft-ame-bomb-crypto-tutorial6 Bomb Crypto Tutorial play-to-earn

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