Chainmonsters Tutorial

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Chainmonsters Tutorial

Chainmonsters Tutorial is an NFT game, one of the biggest and most important new features is the completely revamped battle system.
In addition, various game mechanics have been changed.
You can explore a wonderful handcrafted 3D world, assemble a team of Chainmonsters and challenge other players.
What immediately stands out is that no subscription or purchase is required. The game once released will be completely free to play!
In addition Your Chainmon, items and rewards are securely stored on the Flow Blockchain. Ultra fast transactions, no fees!

In this Chainmonsters Tutorial we see an overview of the game.

new-nft-game-chainmonsters4 Chainmonsters Tutorial

Chainmonsters Tutorial Closed Beta

The Closed Beta allows you to participate in the game before the public launch of the Open Beta scheduled for 2022.

You will be able to capture, level up and upgrade your Chainmons, earn Season Pass rewards and participate in Player vs. Player battles. Earn in-game currency and resources to purchase capture gadgets and gain an edge before anyone else! Earned experience and progressions will persist between Closed Beta and the launch of the full game, a truly huge advantage!

Each player during the Closed Beta will be able to unlock some free Season Pass levels, including a limited amount of NFT. In addition, one can also purchase the premium Season Pass that enables all available levels.

They reportedly plan to release the game on many platforms!

  • Steam (Windows and Mac) (included at the start of the closed beta)
  • IOS (not yet available)
  • Android (not yet available)
  • PlayStation (not yet available)
  • Xbox (not yet available)
  • Nintendo Switch (not yet available)
new-nft-game-chainmonsters2 Chainmonsters Tutorial
new-nft-game-chainmonsters1 Chainmonsters Tutorial

Closed beta chainmonsters

First of all, to participate you need to purchase a closed beta access from the market.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Progression
  • All progress made in the Closed Beta will stay with you forever! This means that if you capture a Chainmons and train them, you will keep their progress and any coins or resources found in the game forever.
  • Level up your Chainmons
  • Capture the first 10 Chainmons in the game and level them up through battles and/or Candies! There are chests scattered around the map that include them or buy them from other players through the marketplace!
  • Fight in exciting 2v2 matchups against other players or wild encounters!
  • Explore a beautiful world first.
  • Season Pass
  • Complete daily tasks and errands to earn Season Pass EXP and unlock additional resources, cosmetics and NFTs! Wanting to compare with another game nft blankos click if you missed it in the previous article!
new-nft-game-chainmonsters3 Chainmonsters Tutorial
Chainmonsters Tutorial

Chainmonsters at first started out with somewhat ancient graphics, but after the latest developments it has picked up so many points, personally I think it is a nice NFT game to play with also because it will adopt the free-to-play model. It is not clear if there is a high possibility of making money considering that like blankos has its own internal market to sell NFTs, however launching it on different platforms suggests that they plan to make it big!

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