Crazy Defense Heroes token gratis

nft italia crazy tower daily

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Crazy Defense Heroes Tutorial Daily quest!

Very interesting initiative, without investing anything but simply playing once a day this nice little game for smartphone crazy defense heroes. If you missed the first part you can find it in this blog here!

Participating is very simple;

You can earn a star chest by getting 16 stars from battles each day, you can get up to 3 stars per battle depending on your performance.

nft-italia-crazy-tower-intro Crazy Defense Heroes token gratis

Requirements for participation

Players must go to their website to complete a check-in calendar, or progress will not be counted.

Also you need to proceed in the following way:

Connect your MetaMask wallet and link it to your user ID.

Claim your daily TOWER tokens for check-in by clicking on a box each showing the day’s earnings.

The TOWER token amount will be added to “Total Daily Rewards” after successfully checking in, you can also see the next day’s rewards.

nft-italia-crazy-tower Crazy Defense Heroes token gratis

Crazy Defense Heroes

The token tower probably doesn’t have much value currently it is under a dollar, however since it is a very simple game and not even without wasting much time it is worth earning this token since it is a nice free-to-play.
However they can always be traded for other cryptos, and by completing the quest every day you can accumulate quite a few.

nft-italia-crazy-tower-reward Crazy Defense Heroes token gratis

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