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Guild of Guardians Alpha Game Launch

Guild Of Guardians Alpha is a multiplayer, fantasy and action role-playing game in which players after assembling their best team of guardians, participate in epic guild campaigns to gain fantastic rewards.

  • Fun mobile role-playing game: Guild of Guardians will first and foremost be fun and engaging. We plan to have a combination of action RPG, deep strategy, a dynamic meta game with a deep economy, and social-centric gameplay that will keep players engaged for years to come.
  • Play and Earn Mechanics: there will be a deep and sustainable economy within Guild of Guardians where players can take part in the game for free, earning both NFTs and tokens. Just like in the real world, you will be able to choose what you want to specialize in or simply take advantage of Guild of Guardians’ economy to profit from it.
  • Highly accessible: Guild of Guardians will be available on iOS and Android, making it accessible to everyone. The core technology will be based on Immutable X
guid_of_guardians2_new_nft_game-1024x571 Guild of Guardians Alpha Game

Guild of Guardians Alpha Tutorial Game

Players will lead a team of heroes into dungeons to fight and obtain a variety of rewards. Team strategy is as important as skill. The composition and synergies of your team are important, as is the use of your skills and ability to dodge. Traditional RPG roles such as Tank, Healer, DPS and Support are also valuable in Guild of Guardians.

Players venture into dungeons in different instances to complete challenges.
Each dungeon is unique and full of monsters, bosses and traps that players must overcome. Players will then earn rewards such as resources, currency and equipment.

Players will then spend these rewards to recruit and upgrade heroes and create equipment.
As team quality increases and new items are forged, progressively more difficult dungeons can be faced and completed.

guid_of_guardians1_new_nft_game Guild of Guardians Alpha Game

Guild of Guardians Heroes

Heroes are unique characters that players will take inside dungeons to defeat monsters and collect rewards. As a player, you will need to create your own strategy and team of heroes based on the play style you think is best.
Heroes in Guild of Guardians are summoned via summoning stones, which can be purchased in the Store or by collecting summoning shards during your play sessions.
Each hero will have a unique set of Stats that determine their play style, strengths and weaknesses.
Each hero has two skills: one active and one passive.

  • Passive skills grant heroes certain buffs or synergy effects along with other heroes.
  • Active skills are like ultimate actions that can clean up an area, heal an entire team, provoke a
  • boss or inflict enormous damage on a single target.


guid_of_guardians3_new_nft_game Guild of Guardians Alpha Game
Guild of Guardians Guild

The only way to create NFT items in Guild of Guardians is through Guilds.
The crafting materials will be dropped in dungeons. Players can contribute materials, useful for crafting, to their guild to create NFT items, which will automatically be sent to the marketplace to be
sold. Profits will automatically be divided in proportion to each player’s contribution.

Equipment creation will require all types of materials, including those that can only be found in lower level dungeons or using heroes from specific factions, which means that both new and experienced players have a specific and important role for crafting within the guild and will need to work together.

In addition, some crafting materials will only be available as drops for heroes of a specific faction, which adds even more economic specificity and strategic depth.

Guilds will compete with each other to earn rewards. These will likely reset each season and are designed to reward the most competitive players.

guid_of_guardians5_new_nft_game Guild of Guardians Alpha Game
Guild of Guardians Token

Guild of Guardians has a partnership with Guardians Guild Limited, which is responsible for issuing and distributing the game token that will be used in the Guild of Guardians mobile game. The in-game currency, called Gems, is an ERC20 token that is created, issued and distributed by Guardians Guild Limited.

  • Rewards for players: gems are an exchangeable in-game currency that is given as in-game rewards to improve player loyalty and provide an avenue to play and earn.
  • Incentives: gems can be given to all community members as an incentive to grow the game and community, which ultimately results in a better Guardian’s Guild experience for all players.
  • Economy: gems are a key part of helping to build a sustainable economy from the game to earn and protect against bots. Gems are necessary to coin any NFT, and the fixed distribution of gems for player rewards will prevent unsustainable growth.
guid_of_guardians4_new_nft_game Guild of Guardians Alpha Game

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