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Splinterands is the best NFT game board for Android as well!

Let’s start with one of the Top Mobile NFT games par excellence, Splinterlands. It is a classic card game that aims to form a deck before each round.

All tours in this game are automated so you get immediate feedback and go through several rounds in a short period of time. In addition, the game chooses you a competitor based on your power and experience, so the possibilities are barely the same. Each fight has individual limits and terms-that’s why you can build a deck before each one.

As usual, you start with a small number of cards but have a chance to get more as time goes on. The higher your level, the more generous gifts you will be rewarded. However, the main question is how can you earn tokens in this game. In truth, you can finally earn DEC tokens for each victory along with the weekly season.

In addition, the game covers some extra tournaments and events where you can also earn tokens. So, you can exchange tokens on exchange platforms if necessary. The trick is: you have to buy a starter kit for $10 to start a game. Herewith, there is a free trial for you to see if it is worth it.

Tutorial step by step Splinterlands

new-nft-game-splinterlands-tutorial Top Mobile NFT games for Android

Top Mobile NFT games Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is a free earning game, you only need to have a smartphone (Android or iOS) you can start playing (no upfront cost like Axies and other games).
Metamask wallet is needed to connect for rewards or to buy TOWER tokens to exchange for chests and in-game items (optional).
Crazy Defense Heroes in my opinion is a game I play for fun, no pressure to have capital or spend money to upgrade/equip weapons like some existing games. However, if you want to have good weapons and cards, you can fully purchase them with Tower tokens(currently listed on Sushiswap, Uniswap, Bilaxy, Kucoin, MEXC). On the earning side of the game: the game offers monthly reward pools that players can participate in. The conditions for joining each pool are different, but in general they require about XP experience points (these will be added when you win the battle).
You can also see an article about this game here!

crazy-defense-heroes2-nft-italias Top Mobile NFT games for Android

Upland - Rebuild The World.

Upland is an NFT board game that will keep your brain busy for a while.

If you are a fan of Monopoly, this is the one for you. It is a property exchange game based on real addresses and locations around the world. The game has its own NFT that you will use to exchange properties and get bonuses for your actions. Besides exchanging properties, you can also do a treasure hunt and do other fun things to diversify the game process.

Also, once you have a property package with the same style, you will automatically increase your earnings, there are many other such tricks, make sure to check the guide before playing. Another tip is to sign up before playing because you will eventually lose your progress without doing so.

As for currency, you could rather earn it within the game or buy it with real money. You cannot exchange currency with exchanges, but the game is partnered with Linden Lab so you can withdraw your earnings in FIAT currencies.

new-nft-game-mobile_upland1 Top Mobile NFT games for Android

Top Mobile NFT games Skyweaver

This is a card game that allows you to fight with other users.

If you like card games, this one will not disappoint. The game has colorful, detailed graphics and a huge amount of cards to choose from. Each card has its own weak and strong points that you can use in battles. Each victory gives you prize tokens that you can trade and exchange for more powerful cards. – Just as you would with real ones.

Although the game process depends completely on your tactics and covers some difficult combos, the mechanics are quite easy to learn. In case you run into problems there you can always view the introductory guide. Once you start playing, you will be able to form your decks wisely and create powerful combos.

Herewith, all your cards are protected on the blockchain, so you are the only one who can access them. For now, the game covers over 500 cards that you can collect and trade. As a result, the cards do not have a rarity level, so the chances of getting a particular card are always the same. There are some extra power-ups and items that have different rarities that affect their price.

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new-nft-game-mobile_skyweaver Top Mobile NFT games for Android

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