Gala Games NFT Mystery Boxes Coming Soon

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Gala Games NFT Mystery Boxes Coming Soon

Gala Games NFT Mystery Boxes

Together, we’ve embarked on an incredible journey over the past few years. Our evolution from a single-game platform to a multiplatform development and publishing powerhouse has been truly remarkable. The vision of a web3 gaming future that we shared is now becoming a reality before our eyes.

The launch and ongoing development of GalaChain have truly revolutionized the game. With our own blockchain tailored precisely to the demands of gaming, a world of possibilities has opened up.

Until recently, our game items lingered on the Ethereum Network despite GalaChain’s functionality. This caused a range of inconveniences within our community and restricted the scope of our ecosystem.

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But those days are now behind us! The majority of Gala Games’ NFTs have been successfully migrated to GalaChain, unlocking exciting new horizons.

The limitations of the Ethereum Network no longer hold us back. This is far more than just about saving on gas fees; GalaChain offers capabilities that Ethereum simply cannot match. We meticulously crafted GalaChain to be the ultimate blockchain for web3 gaming.

Introducing NFT Mystery Boxes

The NFTs we’ve migrated to GalaChain aren’t destined to languish in a vault. Game items are meant to be experienced, and GalaChain is where the magic unfolds!

Leveraging the prowess of our blockchain, we’ve curated a substantial portion of this inventory into enticing new Mystery Boxes, ready to be opened and explored. These Mystery Boxes will be available for purchase starting August 21st. Each box contains a trio of NFTs from titles on our platform. The thrill lies in not knowing what lies within until you unveil your box  that’s part of the excitement!

NFT Mystery Boxes encompass items from the following games:

  • Echoes of Empire
  • Last Expedition
  • Superior
  • Legacy
  • Town Star
  • The Walking Dead: Empires
  • Meow Match

And that’s not all you might stumble upon chests of SILK or $GALA concealed within the boxes! Each box boasts a diverse array of potential items, and crucially, they’re all GalaChain items! This means there’s no need for ETH gas fees to purchase or reveal them.

Diving into NFT Mystery Boxes Every Mystery Box contains a trio of items, available in five distinct tiers:

  • Bronze: $19
  • Silver: $49
  • Gold: $99
  • Platinum: $249
  • Diamond: $999
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Higher tiers promise a greater chance of uncovering rarer in-game items, yet we’ve meticulously ensured that each box offers exciting and valuable treasures for the fortunate soul who decides to crack it open.

Every NFT Mystery Box

itself holds a coveted spot on GalaChain, serving as a testament to its unique nature. Each tier of these boxes signifies a distinct rarity level: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Ancient. Within your digital vault, the power lies in your hands to open these boxes at your leisure, witnessing the unveiling of your brand-new acquisitions!

A staggering collection of over 30,000 boxes spans across all rarities, ensuring an extensive array for exploration. While the distribution of the boxes you receive remains random, rest assured that each box is brimming with delightful surprises, ensuring that no single box contains a trio of items from the same game.

So, what awaits your discovery within these enigmatic boxes? The potential for incredible finds is boundless what will you uncover?

Starting from August 21st, a limited quantity of each rarity will be up for grabs. Yet, do take heed, as these NFT Mystery Boxes might vanish from the store at any given moment, with minimal or no advance notice.

In essence, the message is clear — seize this opportunity while you can! Here’s to an exciting journey of opening and discovery. Cheers to everyone’s happy openings!

About Gala Games

The decentralized Gala Games ecosystem aims to open wide opportunities and restore rightful control to players. Decentralization empowers players to not only possess their in-game items but also actively influence the development of the Gala Games roadmap. Players and node owners will engage through distributed voting mechanisms to play a role in deciding which games should join the platform and which projects should receive funding from the decentralized Gala Games ecosystem.

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