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Sorare Update 2023 Sports

Sorare Update 2023 introduce new Collection Game. This feature aims to reward Managers who create collections centered around their favorite leagues, clubs, and players. Managers can form club collections based on specific clubs, seasons, and scarcities  such as 2022–23 Napoli Limited Cards or 2018–19 Club Brugge Rare Cards.

Inspired by the community’s passion for collecting, this new experience provides Sorare Managers with a Collection Score for each club-based collection album they assemble. Each album’s Collection Score is calculated based on its player cards, considering factors such as serial number, design edition, acquisition method, and duration in the collection album.

Why collect? Sorare Update 2023

sorare-update-2023-collection-napoli Sorare Update 2023 Sports

Beyond the joy of gathering players from beloved teams and leagues, Managers can compete for recognition by climbing the Collection Leaderboards for their preferred clubs. Will you become your club’s top collector? Additionally, Managers will earn a Collection Bonus for all player cards within an album  alongside other card bonuses — to enhance their chances of securing rewards in our Game Week competitions.

Rules of the Collection Game

Each licensed club will feature one collection per season and scarcity (excluding Common Cards)
The eligibility of each player card for a team collection is determined by the team logo on the card; for example, if a player in your collection album changes clubs, his player card will only be applicable to the previous collection, not one featuring his new club.

Each card will receive a Collection Score according to the criteria shared below
Cards listed for sale or included in trade offers will not earn a Collection Score. Card Collection Scores reset when a player is unlisted or removed from a trade.

Each album will have an overall Collection Score based on player cards within that album
One player card per album is the maximum limit. Duplicate player cards are not allowed in albums. In cases where you have more than one eligible player card for the same collection, the card with the highest Collection Score contributes to your total score.

Each player card contributing to the Collection Score will receive a Collection Bonus, determined by the album’s Collection Score

The Collection Bonus an additional score boost to a player’s in-game score will apply in competitions with XP rewards

Scoring in the Collection Game Sorare Update 2023

sorare-update-2023-collection-1024x538 Sorare Update 2023 Sports

Your player cards influence your album’s overall Collection Score in six different ways:

The total Collection Score of your album contributes to a Collection Bonus. This bonus applies only to player cards that contribute to your album’s Collection Score.

The Collection Bonus enhances a player’s Game Week score. Currently, this bonus is applicable in competitions where XP rewards are in play.

For decades, sports enthusiasts have driven innovation in collectibles. This feature is a celebration of that spirit and rewards the dedicated collectors in our Sorare community. We’re excited to witness the collections you create!

Training Update 

The Training experience has been a challenge for many in our community, as submitting Training teams sometimes proved to be a time-consuming user experience lacking strategic depth.

This year, we have revamped the Training format and introduced Training team expansion items to the Club Shop. These updates have made the end-to-end Training experience more strategically engaging.

Starting Game Week 371 Friday, May 12th  we are taking another step to refine the Manager onboarding process, as the “Training Competition” evolves into the “Academy Competition.”

In the Academy Competition, the top 500 Managers will receive the following ETH rewards each Game Week:

  • 1st: $500
  • 2nd: $300
  • 3rd: $200
  • 4th-500th: $5

This is in addition to the XP earned from player cards. The evolution from “Training” to “Academy” introduces ETH rewards for several reasons:

The rebranded Academy is the first competition offering exclusive XP and ETH rewards (no additional card rewards)

This format enables testing of new game modes for reward-based competitions
It enhances the appeal of existing and future Club Shop items (e.g. Academy Expansion items)
The rebranding simplifies the Game Lobby by reducing new competition introductions

Enhanced Referral Program Sorare Update 2023

sorare-update-2023-point Sorare Update 2023 Sports

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new referral program. This program brings a fresh milestone and reward structure, meaning that the more friends you refer to Sorare, the greater the rewards you’ll earn.

When you refer a friend who collects five cards from the Primary Market (Scarcity Cards), both you and your friend will receive a Tier-3 Limited Card. (Refer to tier rewards breakdown here.) For the following milestones, you will receive higher-level cards instead of a Tier-3 Limited Card:

  • For 3 valid referrals, you will receive a Tier-2 Limited Card
  • For 5 valid referrals, you will receive a Tier-4 Rare Card
  • For 10 valid referrals, you will receive a Tier-3 Rare Card
  • For 15 valid referrals, you will receive a Tier-4 Super Rare Card
  • For 30 valid referrals, you will receive a Tier-4 Unique Card

K League Coverage

As many of you are aware, we currently face challenges in offering real-time coverage for K League 1 games this season. Unfortunately, Opta will not provide real-time scoring for K League 1 TV, citing platform quality and stability concerns. We share in the frustration of our K League 1 community and are dedicated to finding a solution with our data and league partners.

We understand the disappointment among our K League 1 fans. While we work diligently to find a swift solution, we are introducing a K League 1 Special Weekly competition at the end of May. Further details will be shared soon.

J League Launch

In the upcoming week  during the week of May 15th we are releasing new cards for all J1 League clubs. We are excited to welcome the J1 League back to Sorare for a fourth consecutive season. Scout your favorite J1 League footballers to climb the Champion Asia leaderboards and earn rewards.

Trust and Transparency (IPFS)

We recently implemented an update that links a Sorare player card page to its IPFS data (Inter Planetary File System, learn more here). This enhancement allows our Managers to easily verify the essential information about their digital collectibles.

This is a significant move toward transparency, as Sorare collectibles are owned by users rather than the company, unlike traditional Web2 game items. The IPFS network empowers our community to access the attributes and visuals of their collectibles in a decentralized manner — without the need for Sorare’s involvement.

Next Steps

We acknowledge that rapid evolution is occurring within a brief period as we continue our swift and efficient development. Everything we are building is aligned with our overarching vision to establish the world’s premier football gaming and fan experience.

In the approaching months, we will introduce significant features and gameplay updates to create a socially-centered gaming experience prioritizing the community. This fresh approach will onboard new waves of Managers and ensure product balance and consistency for the 2023–24 European football season.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and iterate collaboratively to forge the best football game. In the near future, we will provide updates on new Club Shop items, our progress on a FIAT wallet system, and our commitment to maintaining ETH threshold reward amounts.

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