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Planet Quest Sale

In this Planet Quest Sale we will see a 75% discount on each planet of different rarities. After the presale, the prices of the planets will return to their original price.
If you are not yet familiar with Planet Quest, you canread the first two articles on this site:

Planet price in this sale (USD)
Common: 250
Rare: 2,000
Epic: 5,000
Legendary: 25,000

Normal Planet Price (USD)
Common: 1,000
Rare: 8,000
Epic: 20,000
Legendary: 100,000

Planet Quest Sale Rarity

These beautiful 3D rendered planets come in four different rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. They are based on two principles:

The number of moons/rings
Quantum stability

  • Common Planets stand alone in the vastness of space.
  • Rare planets are blessed with a moon.
  • Epic planets have a majestic ring stretching from horizon to horizon along with a moon dancing along its layered edges.
  • Legendary planets overflow with wealth as they have a generous ring system and multiple moons to look at from the planet’s surface.

The second principle is the planet’s quantum stability. Quantum serves as in-game currency. It can be used to upgrade artifacts and weapons, to buy better armor or equipment, and is at the center of our game economy.

In addition, planets are further divided into:
Desert Planets, Forest Planets, Tropical Planets, Ice Planets, Volcanic Planets and Weird Planets. Each class is designed with unique rules for its ecosystems, vegetation, and finally, even creatures and artifacts.

newnftgame_planetquestsale1 Planet Quest Sale

Planet Quest Sale requirements

To apply as an individual, simply go to the brand new Planet Sale website

and once your portfolio is linked, fill out a simple 3-step application process:

Select what you wish to purchase.
Here you will select which faction(s) your planets will be linked to. In addition, you must select the numbers and levels of planets you want. The maximum number of planets in each level that an individual can apply for is listed below:

Maximum number of planets available for individual purchase
Common: 16
Rare: 8
Epic: 4
Legendary: 2

When asked to choose which faction you want to purchase your planets, you will have two options:
a. Select the faction you want to play with in the future (for example, the federation).
b. Select all factions to have a better chance of getting a planet.

This choice is important, because all planets for sale will be tied to a faction. With option (a), you can select the faction you want to play with in the future. But this may reduce your chances of getting a planet that belongs to a specific faction.
With option (b), you can select all factions to increase your chances of getting a planet. But this will give you a randomly assigned faction planet.

Give some information: name, country of residence, address.

Write down your motivation! What makes you the most worthy explorer to claim the first planets ever sold in PlanetQuest? How will you contribute to the community and the game as a planet owner?

As you can see I’m almost up to 1000 points!
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newnftgame_planetquestsale2 Planet Quest Sale

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